RBA’s Lowe announces nextgen leaders in ethics

Thursday 21 May, 2020
by AB+F

The Reserve Bank governor Philip Lowe has announced details of this year’s young ambassadors program, which includes seven young leaders in the area of ethics.

The 2020 cohort of BFO Young Ambassadors
The 2020 cohort of BFO Young Ambassadors

The 2020 cohort of Young Ambassadors is a program developed by the Banking and Finance Oath

The program encourages and supports students, graduates and young people to contribute to a strong ethical foundation as they begin their careers in the banking and finance industry.

As a strong supporter of The BFO, the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, Philip Lowe, has announced the 2020 cohort, acknowledging the importance of trust, integrity and ethics in fostering a positive culture within the industry.

“Finance is all about trust. When a deposit is placed in a bank, we trust it will be repaid. We also trust financial institutions to invest our hard-earned savings for us. And we trust them to provide us with sound advice,” Lowe said.

“Without this trust, the financial system cannot operate properly and the economy cannot prosper.

 “The Young Ambassadors, as future leaders in the industry can help to rebuild trust in finance through the example they set,” he said.

Recognising young people as the future leaders of the industry, Lowe congratulated the seven successful candidates, who have demonstrated a strong commitment to ethics in banking and finance:

  •     Louisa Brown, Graduate, NAB
  •     David Goldfeld, Graduate, UBank
  •     Elle Griffin, Senior Analyst, CBA
  •     Michelle Lim, Consultant, KPMG
  •     Ricky Rangra, Student, The University of Sydney
  •     Anu Sharma, Graduate, NAB
  •     Sarah Valente, Graduate, ANZ

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The Oath

  • Trust is the foundation of my profession.
  • I will serve all interests in good faith.
  • I will compete with honour.
  • I will pursue my ends with ethical restraint.
  • I will help create a sustainable future.
  • I will help create a more just society.
  • I will speak out against wrongdoing and support others who do the same.
  • I will accept responsibility for my actions.

In these and all other matters;
My word is my bond.

The Vision

A banking and finance industry that meets the community’s needs and has its full confidence thereby fulfilling its integral role in society.