Awareness to Action by Foundations for Tomorrow

Tuesday 28 September, 2021
by Foundations for Tomorrow

Awareness to Action: A youth-informed proposal for a more just, equitable and sustainable Australian future

Our keynote speaker at this year’s young ambassador awards evening was Taylor Hawkins from Foundations for Tomorrow. A report recently released by the Foundation produced a number of findings about what young people want to see from business and government to see true and lasting change in Australia.  

The 2021 BFO Young Ambassadors want a future where our leaders are representative and there is genuine cooperation between generations. Our key priorities are climate action, reducing inequality, and First Nations reconciliation. Just as trust is the foundation of our profession, bold and inclusive leadership is needed to re-establish trust in our democracy and protect our planet and future generations.

Executive Summary

The priorities of Australia’s young people should inform our country’s Covid-19 recovery plan. The decisions of today’s leaders will lay the foundations for their future. This report captures over 10,000 young Australian voices with the aim of informing Australia’s leaders about the most critical issues from the perspective of Australia’s young people.

The findings cover the policy priorities of young Australians, the future they want to see, and who they view as responsible for creating a more just, equitable and sustainable future.Each of these themes are explored through a Youth Priority Chapter that lays out the relevant survey findings, contextualises the issues, and includes insights from responding leaders across government, the private sector and civil society.

The survey shows that young Australians believe everyone has a role to play in addressing the country’s challenges, but they expect the government to lead in solving these issues by setting the rules and holding industry to account.

Even though climate change is the biggest concern to young Australians, systemic challenges of personal wellbeing, security, and community-wide inclusion hinder their ability to meaningfully focus on and contribute to a sustainable future for Australia.

Unsurprisingly, young Australians have a longterm view of Australia’s prosperity. They feel let down by the perceived focus of today’s leaders on election cycles or short-term profit at the expense of their future. They are calling for more ambitious, long-term and accountable leadership from government and business.

This report presents a compelling mandate for the parliaments and boardrooms of Australia. We bring these voices to the decision making tables to break down silos, foster intergenerational collaboration, and empower Australians to tackle these complex challenges together.

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The Oath

  • Trust is the foundation of my profession.
  • I will serve all interests in good faith.
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