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As of 1 st March 2021 BFO and The Ethics Centre have now merged. Please see our press release for more details.

The Banking and Finance Oath, a part of The Ethics Centre Ltd.

Level 2, Legion House, 161 Castlereagh St, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia.

ABN: 83 637 740 533

The Banking and Finance Oath supports discussion and exploration.

We particularly encourage signatories to let us know how The Banking and Finance Oath has helped facilitate better decision making or been cause for reflection at times when responsive behaviour may have been "doing it the way it's always been done".

We encourage you to read articles contributed by signatories.

Our Executive Officer Jodi O’Callaghan can be contacted at

Jodi has almost 15 years of experience in corporate and internal communications across financial services, government, retail and media, in both a strategic and tactical capacity.

The role that behaviours, values and principles play in defining an organisational culture is what Jodi is particularly interested in exploring as part of her role with The Banking and Finance Oath, which she joined in July 2018.

The Oath

  • Trust is the foundation of my profession.
  • I will serve all interests in good faith.
  • I will compete with honour.
  • I will pursue my ends with ethical restraint.
  • I will help create a sustainable future.
  • I will help create a more just society.
  • I will speak out against wrongdoing and support others who do the same.
  • I will accept responsibility for my actions.

In these and all other matters;
My word is my bond.

The Vision

A banking and finance industry that meets the community’s needs and has its full confidence thereby fulfilling its integral role in society.