Current Signatories

Last NameFirst NameStateSignatory NumberCompany Name
Rowe AO Trevor NSW 0000004 Rothschild Australia
Harker Steven NSW 0000005 Westpac
Cohen David NSW 0000006 Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)
Reddacliff Tom QLD 0000172 Encore Advisory Group Pty Ltd
Rubinsztein Nicolette NSW 0000173 UniSuper
Saines Ian NSW 0000178 NSW Treasury Corporation
Palmer Stuart NSW 0000193 Australian Ethical Investment
Rothery Andrew NSW 0000200 Koda Capital
Cooper Gregory NSW 0000201 Schroders Investment Management Australia Limited
Stevens Glenn NSW 0000206 Macquarie Group Ltd
Atkin John NSW 0000212 Commonwealth Bank Group Super Fund Trustee
McKeon Simon Vic 0000214 Macquarie Group
Proust Elizabeth Victoria 0000223 Bank of Melbourne
Smith-Gander Diane WA 0000224 Wesfarmers Limited
Bednall Timothy New South Wales 0000227 King & Wood Mallesons
Marriott Peter Victoria 0000231 Westpac Group Australia
Hammond Ian NSW 0000232 Perpetual Ltd, Suncorp Ltd
White Joanna NSW 0000233 Commonwealth Bank
Bruce Sally VIC 0000234 AMP
Hutchinson Greg NSW 0000235 The Australian Charities Fund
Chronican Philip NSW 0000236 NAB
Turner Jocelyn VIC 0000251 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Lynch Helen NEW SOUTH WALES 0000254 N/A
Tredenick Michelle NSW 0000255 Other (please specify)
Walk Adam Queensland 0000262 Drew, Walk & Co.
Jones Koby Victoria 0000264 The SILC Group
Collings Andrew NSW 0000279 Collings Legal Pty Ltd
Joseph Peter NSW 0000283 Ethics Centre
Broadbent Jillian NSW 0000285 Macquarie Group
Pidcock Bettina NSW 0000299 QBE Australia and New Zealand
Opperman Jayne NSW 0000305 Barclays
Hamilton William VIC 0000312 Hamilton Wealth Partners
Morison Kim QLD 0000313 Argyle Capital Partners Pty Limited
Artini David VIC 0000320 ANZ Banking Group Australia
Park Colleen OS 0000339 Westpac New Zealand
Tucker Stephen NSW 0000342 Koda Capital
Keary Craig NSW 0000343 AMP Capital
Carmody Sean New South Wales 0000352 Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)
Lee Paul n/a 0000357 Redington
Dainton Craig VIC 0000361 AMP
Holani Matthew NSW 0000364 C Smart International
Heath Paul New South Wales 0000365 Koda Capital
Stevens Craig NSW 0000367 UBS
Reeve Quentin NSW 0000369 Koda Capital
Lim Kar NSW 0000378 Synchron
Scholten Matthew VIC 0000379 SCM Financial Group
Atlas Ilana NSW 0000386 ANZ
Clarke Samantha NSW 0000391 Advice RegTech
Carver Cathryn NSW 0000392 NAB
Fettke Vernon Victoria 0000402 Homestead Financial Group P/L
Marshall Stuart NSW 0000407 KPMG
Williams Raewyn NSW 0000417 Parametric
Cunningham Paul Queensland 0000427 Etairos Finance Pty Ltd
Owusu-Afriyie Michael Victoria 0000436 AMP
RUTHERFORD Andrew NSW 0000448
Knowles David NSW 0000451 Koda Capital
Loane Sally NSW 0000455 non-executive director
Downes Judith VIC 0000461 Bank Australia
Exel AO Audette NSW 0000469 Adara Group
Goddard Mark NSW 0000476 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited
Barin William NSW 0000478 Iwonder Pty Limited
Mcloughlin Christine NSW 0000480 Suncorp
Clarebrough michael Victoria 0000486 Australian Securities Ltd
Duckett Simon NSW 0000494 Koda Capital
Thomas Paul NSW 0000496 Retired mutual bank CEO
Slonim Neil Victoria 0000497 self employed
Dunn Peter NSW 0000498 Koda Capital
Cairns Grant NSW 0000499 Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)
MURRAY JASON nsw 0000501 Nab Private Bank
Byres Wayne NSW 0000502 Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)
Moore Charles NSW 0000505 Koda Capital
McNamara Grant Victoria 0000512 ANZ Banking Group Australia
Wiles Richard NSW 0000520 Morgan Stanley
Orleow Sandi NSW 0000529 -
Trollor Adrian NSW 0000530 NSW TCorp
Young Harrison Victoria 0000533 The Conversation Media Group Ltd
Sainsbery Edward London 0000537 Commonwealth Bank
Torney Janet NSW 0000538 Perpetual Super | Club Plus Super | Whitehelm Capital
Armstrong Richard Victoria 0000540 Snapscreen Australia
Worthington Mark NSW 0000546 Australian Mutual Bank
Cataldo Carlo VIC 0000550 ANZ Banking Group Australia
Maloney Patrick NSW 0000552 Maloneys Financial Services
Mackay Claire New South Wales 0000554 Quantum Financial Services Australia Pty Limited
Cooper Brad NSW 0000557
Beasley Russell VIC 0000558 Equity Trustees Limited
leckie brigette nsw 0000583 Koda Capital
Sattout Anthony NSW 0000594 Tony Sattout Consulting Pty Ltd
Harley Hugh NSW 0000595 PwC
Sansom Rachel NSW 0000608 Westpac Group Australia
Gidney Jon NSW 0000617 Greenhill & Co
Yardley Sharon VIC 0000624 Heartland Seniors Finance
Laker John NSW 0000635 University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
Gonzalez Emilio NSW 0000654 Pendal Group Limited
Lowe Philip NSW 0000660 RBA
Murphy Stephen VIC 0000664 Banjo Loans
Gross Anthony VIC 0000665 Selected Equities, an Income & Growth Fund
Graham Melanie VIC 0000667 Koda Capital
Gall David Victoria 0000669 National Australia Bank Ltd
Matthews Trevor NSW 0000680 AMP Limited
Clancy Michael NSW 0000693 Qantas Super
Donat Matthew Victoria 0000772 Koda Capital
Gibbs Richard NSW 0000793 Wye Valley Advisory Services
Teale Dennis WA 0000803 Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
Shand Fiona NSW 0000804 Shand & Associates
Fletcher Adam NSW 0000815 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Whitelaw Peter NSW 0000817 National Australia Bank
Grocock Michelle VIC 0000835 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Dooley Shaun VIC 0000837 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Horton Adam NSW 0000860 Koda Capital
Saadie Michael John VIC 0000861 NAB
Zaorska Nikola Victoria 0000863 NAB
Krueger Gary Victoria 0000869 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Weekes Victoria NSW 0000898 OnePath Funds Management
Holmes Graeme Nsw 0000902 AMP Bank
Akers David NSW 0000907
Guthrie Fiona Victoria 0000927 Financial Counselling Australia
Webb Nicholas Auckland 0000930 Westpac
Preketes Simon Singapore 0000936 Westpac
Edie Graeme NSW 0000976 Westpac
Rowell Helen NSW 0000994 Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
Armstrong David NSW 0000996 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Sheedy Elizabeth NSW 0000997 Macquarie University
Pearson Bruce NSW 0000999 Westpac
Carroll Helen NSW 0001000 Aware Super
Furlan Jocelyn Vic 0001002 Customer Owned Banking Code Compliance Committee
Lennon Gary VIC 0001004 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Bos Jan NSW 0001005 Morgan Stanley
Biggin Barry Vic 0001012 BoQ
McVicar Tanya VIC 0001013 National Australia Bank (NAB)
McCarthy Sarah SA 0001033 AMP
Yates Christine VIC 0001045 Australian Unity Bank
Wemyss Stuart VIC 0001046 ProSolution Private Clients
French Brendan NSW 0001061 Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Williams Joshua Victoria 0001066 Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)
McArthur Jeff NSW 0001072 Greater Bank
Dowland Rowan Victoria 0001074 Bank Australia
Rodda Amy NSW 0001081 Bank of America
Coulter Robert New South Wales 0001085 Ignition Advice
Nesbitt John NSW 0001094 Members Equity Bank Limited
Wright Brendan VIC 0001110
Kuch Debra VIC 0001125 First Samuel
Kelly Matthew NSW 0001129 AMP
McCann Carolyn NSW 0001137 Westpac Group Australia
hopkins sheridan nsw 0001142 NSW Treasury Corporation
Bazzi Fadia NSW 0001146 AMP
Clasen Carl QLD 0001151 BOQ
Guest David QLD 0001173 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Howard Andrew NSW 0001184 REST Super
Warren Geoff NSW 0001196 Australian National University
Mills Ian QLD 0001203 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Elliott Shayne victoria 0001206 ANZ
Lander Hugh NSW 0001216 BOQ Specialist
Loadsman Andrew NSW 0001220 LoadPro Services
Lynch Don NSW 0001245 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Lumley Melanie QLD 0001256 Westpac Group Australia
Smith Douglas Western Australia 0001260 St Andrew's Insurance Group
Gonski David NSW 0001262 The University of New South Wales (UNSW)
Ashton Martin NSW 0001268 Genworth
Long Ming NSW 0001270 NA
Tate Diane NSW 0001292 Australian Finance Industry Association
Azcune Simeon QLD 0001297 Bank of QLD
Connor Daniel QLD 0001298 BOQ
Doyle Cathy NSW 0001305 Rabobank
Boyle Greg New South Wales 0001307 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Robson Catherine Victoria 0001317 Affinity Private
King Peter NSW 0001327 Westpac
Hoy Carolyn NSW 0001328 Westpac Group Australia
Cobley Lyn NSW 0001329 Westpac
Hughes Anthony NSW 0001340 Westpac
Spiers Mark NSW 0001351 BT Financial Group
Carriline Andrew NSW 0001361 Westpac
Chew Lee owen Nsw 0001364 Baptist Financial Services Limited
Wilson Peter Vic 0001373 Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank
Monck John-Paul NSW 0001375 SME Bank
Walls Jeffrey QLD 0001386 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Cant Simon New South Wales 0001406 Reinventure and Fintech Australia
Gibson Bruce NSW 0001420 BOQ
Robertson Fiona VIC 0001429 Robertson Consulting Services
El-dib Abdallah vic 0001435 Create and Protect Pty Ltd
Edwards Bruce NSW 0001439 ClearView Wealth Limited
Loveridge Anne NSW 0001444 NAB
Moylan Andrew NSW 0001455
Langford Ross NSW 0001457
Barrow-Yu Stephen NSW 0001485
Deans Alison NSW 0001488 Westpac
Antoine Nathalie NSW 0001495 Westpac Group Australia
Vamos Pauline NSW 0001522 pauline vamos consulting
Toohill Siobhan NSW 0001535 Westpac Group Australia
Heath Michael VIC 0001542 Judo Bank
Healy Joseph NSW 0001543 Judo Bank
Bayliss Christopher VIC 0001544 Judo Bank
thomas darrel victoria 0001546 Judo Capital
Alexander Tim Vic 0001547
Patel Kunal NSW 0001554 Bank of Queensland Ltd
Harris Milton VIC 0001565
Khatountseva Elena VIC 0001567 Judo Capital
Meech Daniel NSW 0001575 Koda Capital
Livingstone Catherine NSW 0001578 Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Wells Benjamin SA 0001613 ANZ
Glenny Mark VIC 0001615 Judo Capital
Borash Hannah Victoria 0001617 Judo Bank
Dickens Graham Victoria 0001618 Unknown
Syme Heloise Victoria 0001619
Whitehead Chris NSW 0001623
Sommerville Matthew NSW 0001630 Westpac
Newman Laura NSW 0001644 Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA)
Blundell Kylie NSW 0001645 Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA)
Hadley Andrew WA 0001659 P&N Bank
Cassar Amanda Queensland 0001664 Wealth Planning Partners
Cornish Chris WA 0001666 Avant Financial Services
Buccilli Brett Victoria 0001668 Judo Capital
Bradford Drew NSW 0001674 National Australia Bank
Middleditch James Vic 0001678 Koda Capital
Dortkamp Paul NSW 0001685 Independent
Hodgson Peter Victoria 0001695 Judo Bank
Bradby Megan VIC 0001711 Judo Bank
ILLINGWORTH Gregory NSW 0001725 Westpac Group Australia
O'Farrell Paul WA 0001729 Quadrant Advisory
Moulton Robert NSW 0001730 Westpac Group Australia
Stephenson Emma NSW 0001731 Westpac
Braga David NSW 0001741 BNP Paribas
O'Loghlin Anne-Marie VIC 0001749 Bank Australia
Calderwood Haydn NSW 0001767 Westpac
Walsh Damien VIC 0001771 Bank Australia Limited
Dayeh Alan NSW 0001791 Westpac
Kennedy Julie VIC 0001796 Heartland Seniors Finance
KAUFMAN ALEX VIC 0001799 Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
Nguyen Ranie NSW 0001837 Westpac
Kaliacius Mykolas QLD 0001840 flexicommercial
Lawrence Tanya Vic 0001842
Michaelides Nick VIC 0001843 Allbiz Finance Brokers Pty Ltd
Bordonaro Kathryn VIC 0001844 Allbiz Finance Brokers Pty Ltd
Batchelor Sam NSW 0001845 Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
Morgan Amanda NSW 0001853 NAB
Towt Michelle VIC 0001855 Allbiz Finance Brokers Pty Ltd
Koch Donald NSW 0001858 ING Group, Asia
Ringma Renay NSW 0001864 AMP
CAMERON MICHAEL NSW 0001871 Michael Cameron Pty Limited
O'Kell Graham NSW 0001892 Bank of Queensland
Cook Sharon NSW 0001907 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Parker Cris NSW 0001910 The Ethics Centre
Hughes Christopher NSW 0001914 Westpac Group Australia
Schnell Jenny NSW 0001929 Rabobank Australia Limited
Lim Tina Auckland 0001951 Rabobank
McLachlan Craig Auckland 0001952 Rabobank
Webber Michael Qld 0001955 Rabobank Australia
Anderson Matt Wairarapa 0001958 Rabobank New Zealand
Schofield Lori QLD 0001963 Rabobank Australia
Flynn Daniela NSW 0001967 Rabobank Australia
Charteris Todd OS 0001968 Rabobank New Zealand
Bullock Graham NSW 0001976 Rabobank Australia Limited
Swalling Craig Queensland 0001977 Rabobank Australia
Meredith Bryan NSW 0001984 Rabobank
Johnson Paul NSW 0001989 Rabobank Australia
Bennett Carl NSW 0001990 Rabobank
Melville Robert WA 0001994 Rabobank
Felan Tim NSW 0001995 Rabobank
Riley Kirsty QLD 0002003 Rabobank Australia
Spilstead Natalie NSW 0002016 Rabobank
Anderson Martin WA 0002027 Rabobank
Hales Martin Northland 0002030 Rabobank
Goodger Sharyn Waikato 0002031 Rabobank
Donaldson Alice NSW 0002039 Rabobank
Young Bede NSW 0002042
Coulthurst Josh NSW 0002045 Rabobank Australian Limited
Kaiteie Danny Qld 0002047 Rabobank
Anderson Martin WA 0002057 Rabobank
Le Mi VIC 0002069 Rabobank Australia
Ward Skye NSW 0002071 Rabobank
Seden Yosry NSW 0002082 Rabobank
Palmer Penny NSW 0002084 Not currently in banking but maintain an interest
Mulder Randy NSW 0002087 Rabobank
Au Yeung Susan NSW 0002092 Rabobank
Ferreira Anne NSW 0002097 Rabobank
Dennis Catherine NSW 0002099 Rabobank Australia Limited
Gaggero Fernando NSW 0002105 River Plate Projects Pty Ltd
McAlpin Hamish Victoria 0002112 Rabobank
Dunn Iain NSW 0002114 Rabobank
Hudson Paul QLD 0002118
Lee Martin NSW 0002122 Rabobank
Summer Jonathan NSW 0002123 Westpac Group Australia
Wade Matthew NSW 0002127 Rabobank
Shaw Denise NSW 0002128 Rabobank
Fennell Leon VIC 0002135 Rabobank
Harvey Michael Vic 0002167 Rabobank Australia
Clarke David Canterbury 0002175 Rabobank
Acosta Ricardo QLD 0002184 Westpac Group Australia
Rennie Jayne VIC 0002206 Judo Capital
Berg Anthony NSW 0002241 Armada Investments Pty Ltd
Medica Sarah VIC 0002282 Judo Bank
Hardiman Simon VIC 0002283
Kent Christopher NSW 0002285 Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
Hawthorne James NSW 0002288 Koda Capital
Reidy Michael NSW 0002294 Westpac
Colwell Jacqueline Victoria 0002302
Ayres Jonathan VIC 0002305 Koda Capital
Priestley Robert NSW 0002318 J.P. Morgan
Rowland Amber NSW 0002319 Westpac Group Australia
Sawyer Mark Victoria 0002322 MyLife MyFinance Ltd
McNabb David VIC 0002324 Judo Bank
Bullock Michele NSW 0002325 Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
Turnbull Yasmin NSW 0002326 Koda Capital
Bowden Andrew NSW 0002331 Westpac Banking Corporation
Collins Tiffane NSW 0002334 Westpac Banking Corp
Kozaris Sam VIC 0002345 Judo Bank
Deagan Anthony London 0002351 National Australia Bank
Thorpe Nicholas Vic 0002352 Judo Bank
Gibbons Craig Qld 0002363 Westpac Banking Corporation
Jones Brendan Vic 0002364 Koda Capital
Shipton James R F VIC 0002367 Australia Securities & Investments Commission
Fitzpatrick Matthew NSW 0002385 Westpac Group Australia
Tatnell Shaun NSW 0002390 Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)
Roberts Renee Vic 0002391 RPG Global
murray jason NSW 0002401 Nab
Arena Antony NSW 0002407 Zingara Group
Macaulay Brad QLD 0002412 Investment Zone
Balderstone John NSW 0002417 NAB
Maligeorges Constantine Vic 0002428 Judo Capital
Butler Andrew NSW 0002432 Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Appleby Glen Vic 0002436
Lucas Justin Victoria 0002438 Koda Capital
Katheklakis Kosta OS 0002448 Westpac Group Australia
McKellar Emily Victoria 0002453 Judo Capital
Ringland Emma NSW 0002458 Westpac Group Australia
Thompson Sheridan NSW 0002462 Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)
Fernie Jonathan Victoria 0002475 U Ethical
Ansoine Arnaud singapore 0002484
Turner Justin SA 0002494 Judo Bank
Ho-Hudson Tricia NSW 0002515 Wesfarmers Limited
Taylor Stephen NSW 0002520 icare NSW
O'Callaghan Jodi NSW 0002521 The Banking and Finance Oath
Parker Christine NSW 0002524 Westpac
Gibson OAM Allan NSW 0002529 Retired
Jamieson Laura NSW 0002531 TAL
Kazakoff Elizabeth NSW 0002533 Rabobank
Scifo Tristan NSW 0002541 Purpose Advisory
Shrestha Rusha NSW 0002543 Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA)
O'Brien John QLD 0002545 VISIS Private Wealth
Truccolo Deidre VIC 0002548 Hamilton Wealth Partners
Chapman Xavier VIC 0002551 Judo Bank
Roga Aubrey VIC 0002562 SCM Financial Group
Stephen David NSW 0002565 Westpac
Flinn Steven Victoria 0002567 Judo Capital
Fagan Christopher VIC 0002574 SCM Financial Group
Spiller Luke VIC 0002575 SCM Financial Group
McKissock Neil VIC 0002578 SCM Financial Group
Fitzgerald Kerri SA 0002579 SCM Financial Group
Barton Maria NSW 0002584 Rabobank Australia
Scicluna Tamara NSW 0002592 Rhizome Advisory Group
Vinci Donna-Maree NSW 0002594 Other (please specify)
Eckersley Debra NSW 0002595 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Peterson Will NSW 0002599 Rhizome Advisory Group
Doronina Alisa ACT 0002610 Judo Bank
Strang Erin QLD 0002621 Suncorp
Doyle David VIC 0002623 ANZ Banking Group Australia
Glenny Steven VIC 0002630 Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA)
Sirr Ethan WA 0002635 Rabobank
Rivett Judy QLD 0002637 Rabobank Australia
McGill Douglas NSW 0002639 RBOBANK
Burkhardt Craig Qld 0002640 Rabobank
Midgley Hamiish Wellington 0002651 Rabobank
Mitchelson Aaron VIC 0002654 Rabobank
Brook Dion Victoria 0002656 Rabobank
Frasca Flora NSW 0002660 Rabobank Australia
Ross Rona NSW 0002661 Rabobank Australia
Tan Davia NSW 0002662 Rabobank Australia
O'Donoghue Diane NSW 0002666 Rabobank Australia
Tan Shea NSW 0002676 Rabobank Australia
Yuen Jonathan NSW 0002680 Rabobank
Masina Cariena NZ 0002681 Rabobank
Purdy Natalie WA 0002682 Rabobank
Moss Adam SA 0002685 Rabobank
Phillips Keith Qld 0002693 Rabobank Australia
Venning Benjamin QLD 0002695 Rabobank
Dahn Susanne Victoria 0002710 Pitcher Partners
Goodwin Paul SA 0002712 Rabobank Australia
Smith-Gander Diane WA 0002714 Keystart Loans
van Bloemendaal Benita Victoria 0002731 Rabobank Australa
Oliver Krystal Wellington 0002736 Rabobank New Zealand Ltd
LO RUSSO Anthony NSW 0002739 Rabobank
Gangemi Christopher NSW 0002754 Rabobank Australia and New Zealand
Donaldson Ian WA 0002768 Rabobank Australia
Capili Chris NSW 0002769 Rabobank
Fung Anthea NSW 0002775 Rabobank
Eade Megan Sth Canterbury 0002780 Rabobank New Zealand
Condon Kieran WA 0002784 Rabobank Australia
Bagnall Michelle QLD 0002817 RACQ
Gallagher David NSW 0002818 Sandstone Capital Pty Limited
THIEU KAREN VIC 0002821 Judo Capital
Saheed Julian Victoria 0002825 Judo Bank
Shand Emma V WA 0002829 EML Payments
McGrath Lyn NSW 0002835 Bank of Queensland
Caro Bienvenido NSW 0002844 Westpac Group
Webster Andrew NSW 0002851 Westpac Banking Corporation
Mifsud Stephen NSW 0002852 Judo Capital
Dean Ruth NSW 0002854 Westpac Banking Corporation
Dalitz Jen NSW 0002858 Women in Banking and Finance
Hagan Terry NSW 0002860 Judo Bank
Drew Michael QLD 0002863 Drew, Walk & Co.
Hooper Narelle NSW 0002865 Company Director magazine
Moroney Brenton NSW 0002871 Judo Capital
Meer Michael Victoria 0002879 National Australia Bank
Collins Benjamin VIC 0002880
KHAN SHAKIL NSW 0002882 Westpac Group Australia
Erian Joseph NSW 0002884 Judo Capital
Troke Theresa VIC 0002887 Gallagher
Gaboyo Elvis VIC 0002889 Judo Bank
Morgan Ralph NSW 0002895 Great Financial Planning
Dias Michael NSW 0002897 Mobeewave
Bieler Boris NSW 0002899 Other (please specify)
Parwada Jerry NSW 0002904 UNSW Business School
Close Sacha Vic 0002908 Sacha Close Consulting
Pai Siddharth NSW 0002909 Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)
Parwada Leslie NSW 0002910 CBRE
Ahern Jim VIC 0002912 Judo Bank
Kovacs Cathy NSW 0002926 Westpac
Masters John NSW 0002929 Volt Bank
Rees Nick QLD 0002932 National Australia Bank
Gaussen Heidi VIC 0002933 NAB
Whitehead Kristopher QLD 0002945
Tuszynski Ben Victoria 0002946 Judo Bank
Walker Zoe VIC 0002949 Judo Bank
Hocking Mathew VIC 0002955 Judo Bank
short andrew victoria 0002956 Unknown
Tsotras Matthew Vis 0002957 Judo Bank
Evans Rebecca VIC 0002958 Judo Capital
Murray Jennie ACT 0002962 Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation (CSC)
Trotter Michael VIC 0002963 Westpac Group Australia
Gazzard Pauline WA 0002964 Westpac Group Australia
Abdelnouor Ramy Vic 0002966 Judo Capital
Walker James NSW 0002974 Westpac Group Australia
Maver Peter Queensland 0002977 Esdale Sinclair & Associates
Hernandez Vicario Sara Victoria 0002979 Judo Bank
Jakupovic Jasmin Western Australia 0002981 GALLAGHER BENEFIT SERVICES
Schepers Mette Vic 0002982 Judo Bank
Gu Ryan NSW 0002983 Judo Bank
Leithhead Andrew NSW 0002984 Qudos Bank
Hansen Cindy NSW 0002985 Qudos Bank
Wong Samuel New South Wales 0002986 Woolworths Group Limited
Alayan Saro NSW 0002987 Woolworths Group Limited
Wong Nathan NSW 0002988 Woolworths Group Limited
Selvakumar Janani NSW 0002993 Woolworths Group
Srtranix Dermot NSW 0002995 Judo Bank
Bhatia Kanishka NSW 0002996
O'Neill Patrick NSW 0002997 Judo Bank
Hannigan Luke NSW 0002998 Judo Bank
Allen Vicki NSW 0003000 Mortgage Choice
Sweeney Jonathan NSW 0003001 BT Financial Group
Waterson Gary QLD 0003010 Judo Bank
Armstrong Lisa QLD 0003011 Judo Bank
Hawkins Alastair NSW 0003013 Judo Bank
Ng Juin VIC 0003019
Hambleton Emma Queensland 0003021 Judo Bank
Browning Mathew VIC 0003025 U Ethical
Good Peter QLD 0003026 Judo Bank
Evans Gregory QLD 0003027 Bank of Queensland
Sparks Nami VIC 0003033 Compliance National
Grace James NSW 0003038 Judo Bank
Rosier Jason NSW 0003040 Judo Bank
Beehler Jeffrey Queensland 0003041 Beehler Capital Management Pty Ltd
PAEK KI-BUM KENNY VIC 0003051 Judo Bank
May Tom NSW 0003052
Batten Timothy NSW 0003054 MetLife Australia
Ganegoda Navoda Victoria 0003056 Judo Bank
Nunn Richard NSW 0003059 MetLife
Louie Elizabeth NSW 0003062 Judo Bank
Johnston Ryan NSW 0003064 Judo Bank
Pickering Nathan NSW 0003065 Judo Bank
Gan Michelle NSW 0003066 Judo Bank
Noack Damien Victoria 0003067 Judo Bank
Ohlsson Tony NSW 0003070 Volt Bank
McDermott Gerard NSW 0003072 MetLife Australia
Campbell David NSW 0003073 MetLife Australia
Brandenburg Bradley NSW 0003074 MetLife
Carey James NSW 0003077 MetLife
Fox Jacqueline VIC 0003078 National Australia Bank Limited
Stafford Chesne NSW 0003079 MetLife
Abrahams Mark NSW 0003081 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Bailison Gary NSW 0003082 MetLife
Carlile Allyson NSW 0003084
Mulholland Michael NSW 0003085 MetLife
McIntyre Fiona Vic 0003087 National Australia Bank
Kollo Ira NSW 0003090 National Australia Bank
Holt Richard NSW 0003099 MetLife
Dicks Nellie Vic 0003100 Bank of Queensland Ltd
Kareh Annabel NSW 0003103 Judo Bank
Dent Simon QLD 0003105 MetLife Australia
Fintan Christopher NSW 0003107 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Watson Trent Qld 0003108 BOQ
Brazel Wayne NSW 0003111 MetLife Australia
McFarlane Andrew NSW 0003112 MetLife Australia
Hoang Christina NSW 0003113 MetLife Australia
Kelly Sarah NSW 0003115 MetLife Australia
Walsh Russell NSW 0003116 MetLife Australia
Kotian Pravin NSW 0003118 MetLife Australia
Abood Darren NSW 0003123 MetLife Australia
Yearsley Lee NSW 0003125 MetLife Australia
Lowe Timothy NSW 0003129 MetLife Australia
Julian Anne-Marie NSW 0003132 MetLife Australia
Ge Yunhua NSW 0003134 MetLife Australia
Jacobs Brian Victoria 0003136 MetLife Australia
Gleeson Peter QLD 0003143 Judo Bank
Castle Peter NSW 0003153 MetLife Australia
Farrell James NSW 0003163 MetLife Australia
Tomkins Rebecca NSW 0003168 MetLife Australia
Purtell Andre NSW 0003176 MetLife Australia
Nucifora Gemma NSW 0003184 MetLife Australia
Barker Bradley NSW 0003185 MetLife Australia
Marchant Ryan NSW 0003188 Judo Bank
Keenan Nicola NSW 0003194 MetLife Australia
Moyson Tom VIC 0003196 MetLife Australia
Mbira Blessed NSW 0003198 MetLife Australia
Pavlides Jo NSW 0003205 MetLife Australia
Redhead Erica NSW 0003219 MetLife Australia
Hamilton Robert Victoria 0003222 AMP Capital
Smith Emily NSW 0003224 Judo Bank
Mow Raelene NSW 0003225 MetLife Australia
Arulampalam Puvanandran NSW 0003230 MetLife Australia
Savage Courtney NSW 0003231 MetLife Australia
Sosnov Alex NSW 0003232 MetLife Australia
Richards Chantal VIC 0003237 MetLife Australia
Saddi Elaina NSW 0003242 MetLife Australia
Green Chris NSW 0003244 Perpetual Limited
McCall Philip VIC 0003245 National Australia Bank (NAB)
McGuinness Belinda NSW 0003246 Macquarie Group
Crawford Noni NSW 0003254 Hello Wealth
Almulla Mohamed Victoria 0003255
Jordan Kathleen NSW 0003260 MetLife Australia
La Greca Riccardo VIC 0003265 Judo Bank
McCarthy Bob VIC 0003270 Integrity Solutions Australia
Lamond Alistair VIC 0003276 Judo Bank
Jenkins David NSW 0003277 National Australia Bank
Chan Darren New South Wales 0003283 Compass Global Holdings
Vu Elizabeth New South Wales 0003284 Judo Bank
Alessandrello Bret VIC 0003286 Judo Bank
Mauger William Qld 0003290 Judo Bank
Harth Joshua QLD 0003297 Bank of Queensland
Highman Andrew NT 0003308 Bank of Queensland
Honner Ben QLD 0003313 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Haar Jade Victoria 0003317 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Box Edward NSW 0003318 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Pham Anna NSW 0003335 Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA)
Zigenbine Andrew QLD 0003342
McMillan Sarah QLD 0003345 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
BATTISTELLA JULIAN VIC 0003351 Battistella Financial Services
Yates Rachel NSW 0003352 Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA)
Harrison Anthony NSW 0003354 Judo Bank
Warren Brent VIC 0003359 JUDO BANK
Whitworth natalie VIC 0003363 ANZ
O’Donoghue Steven Qld 0003365 Suncorp
Lewis Simon Qld 0003370 Suncorp Group Ltd
Leong AJ NSW 0003372 Inland Rail
Mullen Nicholas VIC 0003391 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Milinkovic Anna NSW 0003418
Gallego Daniela QLD 0003428 Judo Bank
Behman Daniel VIC 0003439
Lloyd Peter NSW 0003446 Judo Bank
Wilson Jared NSW 0003457 Rabobank Australia
Ziemek Tony South Australia 0003469 Barrington Treasury Services
Douglas Lara VIC 0003488 Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)
Triggs Glenn NSW 0003492 Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Downs Kim Victoria 0003507 ANZ Bank
Hurst Fionna Victoria 0003519 ANZ Banking Group Australia
Zhou Kan Qld 0003520 Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Cusick Samuel NSW 0003529 Rabobank
Skountzos Rebecca 2000 0003533 Rabobank Australia
Supit Karl NSW 0003536 Rabobank Australia
Govindan Dinesh NSW 0003540 Rabobank Australia
Smith Joshua NSW 0003541 Rabobank
Tibbs Kerri NSW 0003545 Rabobank Australia
Heaton John QLD 0003547 Alex Bank
Rawlins Linda OS 0003552 Rabobank
Warren William Manawatu 0003553 Rabobank New Zealand
Tomovska Dona NSW 0003563 Rabobank
Huxtable David NSW 0003574 Rabobank
de Groot Jos Wellington 0003578 Rabobank New Zealand Limited
Taylor Felicity NSW 0003585 Rabobank
Leslie Andrew VIC 0003588 Judo Bank
Jackson James QLD 0003611 Rabobank Australia
Granger Andrea NSW 0003626
Brown Adrian North Island 0003631 Rabobank
Pagan Jessica NSW 0003637 Rabobank
Ainscough Laurina SA 0003638 Rabobank Australia Ltd
nithiaseelan rohana nsw 0003645 RaboBank Australia
Wilkinson Ryan Christchurch 0003661 Rabobank NZ
Arnott Camilla NSW 0003668 Rabobank Australia
Chenery Angela NI 0003677 Rabobank New Zealand
Napier Michael VIC 0003683 Rabobank
Dellit Tim NSW 0003687 Rabobank
Fell William NSW 0003688 Rabobank
Armbruster Jorn NSW 0003689 Rabobank
Duffy Philip NSW 0003690 Rabobank
Camilleri Gerard NSW 0003691 Rabobank Australia
Campbell Georgia NSW 0003700 Rabobank Australia Ltd
Passmore Amelia NSW 0003703 Rabobank Australia
Kempson Christopher NSW 0003706 Rabobank Australia
Zagari Joe NSW 0003708 Rabobank
Bruce Karen Gisborne 0003709 Rabobank New Zealand Ltd
English Francis SA 0003710 Judo Bank
Mullens Benjamin QLD 0003712 Judo Bank
Defferrari Juan SA 0003716 Rabobank Australia
Ngo Sarah NSW 0003718 Rabobank Australia
Scalora Melina VIC 0003722 Rabobank Australia
Djukanovic John NSW 0003725 Rabobank Australia
Wyper Darren QLD 0003728 RABOBANK
Larsen James OS 0003733 Rabobank
Levings Scott Otago 0003736 Rabobank
White Lee Qld 0003761 Rabobank
Bennett Sally SA 0003774 Rabobank Australia
Cave Danielle NSW 0003779 Rabobank Australia
Carrozza Stephanie NSW 0003780 Rabobank Australia
Stahel Michael Vic 0003781 Rabobank
Dudumas Celia WA 0003782 Rabobank Australia
Curry David NSW 0003793 Hay
McGee Danny QLD 0003795 Rabobank Australia
Vos Reah NSW 0003796 Rabobank Australia
Dixon Brendan NSW 0003803 Pure Finance
Vyas Rajvi VIC 0003808 Judo Bank
Buckley Alex Victoria 0003812
Sekeris Andreas Victoria 0003813 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Harvey Sharon NSW 0003818 Mintegrity
Kartono Herman NSW 0003831 Judo Bank
Griffin Elle NSW 0003841 Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)
Pathmajeewa Latheson Victoria 0003842 Judo Bank
Nandapalan Ahilan NSW 0003852 Judo Bank
Armstrong Troy VIC 0003855 Koda Capital
Baker Marnie Victoria 0003861 Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited
Copley Thomas SA 0003865 Rabobank
Brosnahan Ryan Auckland 0003870 Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
Chan Ashley WA 0003871 KUFPEC
Chantrey Matthew NSW 0003878 Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Hawker AM Michael NSW 0003882 Macquarie Group and Bank
Papanastasiou Sotirios VIC 0003883 SCM Finance Solutions Pty Ltd
Nowland Graeme Qld 0003892 Commonwealth Bank
Toy Colleen VIC 0003894 SCM Financial Group
Caarels Philippa VIC 0003897 SCM Financial Group
Mendl Alexander NSW 0003900 Rabobank
Bailey-Lord Kathleen Vic 0003914 Bank of Queensland
Thomas Sibin qld 0003937 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Atkins Peter NSW 0003953 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Westendorf Dominic QLD 0003960 Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)
Slocum Susan NSW 0003965 Reserve Bank of Australia
Hey Jacqueline Victoria 0003967 Bendigo & Adelaide Bank
Valente Sarah NSW 0003969 Deutsche Bank
Fite David NSW 0003974 ELD Capital
Trautwein Manda NSW 0003982 Judo Bank
Offenburg Mark WA 0003983 Leeuwin Capital Partners
O'Brien Ian WA 0003984 Leeuwin Capital Partners
Bowmer Karen VIC 0003985 Judo Bank
Carter Vicki Victoria 0003986 Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
Thieu Karen VIC 0003987 Judo Bank
Fricke Leah NSW 0003989 GRL Advisory Pty Ltd
Hong Yien VIC 0003991 Judo Bank
Snow Jesse QLD 0003993 Judo Bank
Warren Andrew WA 0003994 Rabobank
Hale Rob NSW 0003996 Regional Australia Bank
Hiscock Oliver VIC 0003997 Judo Bank
Thursby Gary NSW 0004007 Westpac Group
Williams Liam NSW 0004009 Judo Bank
McGrory Robert NSW 0004014 Westpac Banking Corporation
Chandrasekkar Ganesh NSW 0004015 Westpac Group
Shepherd Larissa WA 0004016 Westpac
Mosse Sam NSW 0004018 Perpetual Limited
Van Ast Justin WA 0004019 Leeuwin Capital Partners
Adams Rob NSW 0004021 Perpetual Limited
Lane David NSW 0004022 Perpetual limited
McCarthy Richard NSW 0004026 Perpetual
Dong Jessica 0004030 Judo Bank
Camilleri Ben VIC 0004031 Judo Bank
Yonathan Vandalia 0004037 Judo Bank
Kolenc Stanislav NSW 0004061 OPTrust (Director, Judo Bank)
Jenkins Steven VIC 0004064 Judo Bank
Puri Parth VIC 0004065 Judo Bank
McHutchison Mal VIC 0004066 Judo Bank
Diao Tony VIC 0004068 3L Alliance Pty Ltd (Director, Judo Bank)
Jager Martine VIC 0004069 Westpac
Massey Benjamin SA 0004070 Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)
Padbury Mary VIC 0004071 Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)
Fraser John NSW 0004072 Judo Bank
Butler-August Teddy VIC 0004074 Heartland Seniors Finance
Todd Sophia NSW 0004075 Koda Capital
Jenner Martin NSW 0004078 Energy Global Company
Yanai Kyoko VIC 0004084 Judo Bank
Dessent Anthony VIC 0004088 Judo Bank
Ranjit Jasmin VIC 0004089 Judo Bank
Deshpande Rupen VIC 0004091 Judo Bank
Shaw Jonathan VIC 0004092 Judo Bank
Tran Michael 0004093 Judo Bank
Smith Mark NSW 0004094 Perpetual Limited
Irwin Michael WA 0004097 Judo Bank
Gec Miriam VIC 0004098
Tomlian Virgil VIC 0004101 Judo Bank
Trafford-Walker Fiona 0004109 Perpetual Ltd
Douglas Matthew VIC 0004110 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Goodin Carl VIC 0004111 Koda Capital
Hossain Mahmood 0004113 Judo Bank
Green Mark NSW 0004114 National Australia Bank
Liddle Jeremy NSW 0004118 Third Hemisphere
Herrmann Christopher NSW 0004119 Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)
Moreno Hannah NSW 0004120 Third Hemisphere
Harris Jan ACT 0004125 Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
Shamaee Saeed VIC 0004127 Bona Fide Advice
Willemse Caroline 0004128
Kellaway Racheal NSW 0004129 Bank of Queensland
Watson Rodney VIC 0004130 Qudos Bank
Screen Chris NSW 0004132 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Perkovic Marianne NSW 0004133 Commonwealth Bank
North Scott QLD 0004136 Bank of Queensland
Garden Anna QLD 0004137 Koda Capital
Hamilton Thomas William Forester VIC 0004138 Hamilton Wealth Partners
Arbon-Corlett Lauren QLD 0004152 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Karabatsos Victoria VIC 0004153 Judo Bank
D'Aloisio Anthony Michael NSW 0004157 Perpetual
Clifton Carol WA 0004162 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Diep An Robert NSW 0004163 Westpac Group Australia
Lee Aaron WA 0004165 Judo Bank
Wallace Tom WA 0004166 Judo Bank
Lam Simon 0004172 MetLife Australia
GOSS DIANNA WA 0004178 MetLife Australia
Sleiman Sam NSW 0004179 MetLife Australia
Hadley Robert 0004180 MetLife Australia
El-Khoury Meray 0004181 MetLife Australia
Lu Jeremy 0004182 AOFM
Tse Wendy 0004184 MetLife
Price David NSW 0004187 MetLife Australia
Murphy Patrick VIC 0004188 MetLife Australia
Donnelly Aoife NSW 0004193 MetLife Australia
Gazal Amanda NSW 0004194 Perpetual
Poullos Maria NSW 0004196 MetLife Australia
Cosgriff Jason NSW 0004197 The Waterman Partnership
Hu Anson NSW 0004198 MetLife Australia
Johnston Sarah 0004201 MetLife Australia
Davies Owen NSW 0004203 MetLife Australia
Gray Scott NSW 0004204 Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA)
Chen Aaron Fuhua 0004210
Curini Claudio VIC 0004211 Endura Private Wealth
Rogacki Tom VIC 0004212 MetLife Australia
Martin Craig NSW 0004213 Judo Bank
King Ferina NSW 0004215 MetLife Australia
Gehling Marcus VIC 0004220
Thukral Neeraj NSW 0004221 MetLife Australia
Vo Michael Hien VIC 0004224 Judo Bank
Moy Gordon NSW 0004225 Judo Bank
Cox Anne-Marie VIC 0004227 Judo Bank
Ledner Ross 0004232 MetLife Australia
Bogatez Ryan NSW 0004233
Guibani Joy NSW 0004234 MetLife Australia
Zeelie Linda SA 0004238 MetLife Australia
Carzino Ern VIC 0004242 Heartland Seniors Finance
Schwerin Traci VIC 0004243 Judo Bank
jones ian NSW 0004245 MetLife Australia
Beale Dwayne NSW 0004252 Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA)
Mims Justen VIC 0004253 Compliance National
Hales Cathy NSW 0004263 amicaa
Fraser Stephen NSW 0004269 Judo Bank
Low Kien VIC 0004270 Judo Bank
Grozdanovski Jessica VIC 0004272 Heartland Seniors Finance
Slade Rachel 0004273 National Australia Bank
Wood Georgie 0004277
Sharpe Judy NSW 0004279 Judo Bank
Saadie Michael John VIC 0004280 NAB
Rajadurai Inakshi VIC 0004284 Judo Bank
Lewis Colin VIC 0004285 Judo Bank
Wood Benjamin QLD 0004290 Judo Bank
Krishnamurthy Vijay parthasarathy VIC 0004299 Unknown
Jackson Greer VIC 0004304 Heartland Seniors Finance
Lau Cathy VIC 0004308 Judo Bank
Jolly Kelly 0004310 Judo Bank
Rhodes-Ryan Dan VIC 0004312 Judo Bank
Newing Sophie VIC 0004314 Judo Bank
Giraldo Ramirez Santiago VIC 0004317 Judo Bank
Nation Andrew 0004320 Rabobank NZ Ltd
Contos Mary NSW 0004321 Rabobank Australia
Gray Lara 0004322 Rabobank
Foster James NSW 0004323 Rabobank
Gough Caroline VIC 0004324 Rabobank
Atkinson David QLD 0004325 Rabobank Australia
Cass Joel NSW 0004326 Rabobank
Sinclair Andrew 0004327 Rabobank
Leijen Linda OS 0004328 Rabobank
Mu David NSW 0004330 Rabobank
Keast Joanne NSW 0004331 Rabobank Australia
Asoulin Rebecca NSW 0004332 Rabobank
Kelly Greg NSW 0004333 Rabobank
Nicolettos Nicole NSW 0004334 Rabobank Australia Branch
Superina Suzy NSW 0004336 Perpetual
Kemp Lachlan NSW 0004337 Rabobank Australia Limited
Keshav Pratik 0004338 Rabobank
Larkin Benjamin NSW 0004343 Rabobank
Dries Brittany QLD 0004344 Rabobank Australia Limited
McDermott Zac QLD 0004345 Rabobank
Horrigan Andrea QLD 0004346 Rabobank Australia
Abernethy Tom OS 0004347 Rabobank
McDougall Jemma VIC 0004348 Rabobank
Hand Nicola 0004349 Rabobank
Moretto Pauline NSW 0004350 Rabobank Australia
Kandula Venkata Rama Krishna R NSW 0004351 Rabo Bank
Lai Anthea 0004352 Rabobank
Vaard Kaili NSW 0004354 Rabobank Australia Limited
Bosco Tiffany NSW 0004355 Rabobank
Yeung Betty Ming Wai NSW 0004356 Rabobank
Harwin Andrew 0004357 Rabobank
Hall Simon NSW 0004358 Rabobank
Davis Matt 0004359 Rabobank
Jones Ross WA 0004360 Rabobank
Christian Craig SA 0004361 Rabobank
Suszczynski Michal NSW 0004362 Rabobank
Maher Jane VIC 0004363 Rabobank Australia
Kwan Becky 0004366 Rabobank Australia
Ephron Jonathan NSW 0004368 Rabobank Australia
McGuinness Simon NSW 0004369 Rabobank Australia
Smith Callum 0004370 Rabobank
Chanana Kapoor Disha 0004371 Rabobank Australia
Walker Andrew QLD 0004372 Rabobank Australia Limited
Nichols Martin OS 0004373 Rabobank
Propsting Rowena QLD 0004375 Rabobank
Pearce Darren NSW 0004376 Rabobank Australia
Loyson Yvette NSW 0004377 Rabobank
Stephenson Kareen-Jhontell 0004378 Rabobank New Zealand
Simmons-Lawrence Tayla NSW 0004379 Rabobank Australia
Yeung Wai Kit Johnny VIC 0004380 Rabobank Australia
Sri Rahayu Intan NSW 0004381 Rabobank Australia
De Gruchy Robert NSW 0004383 Rabobank
Boon Jessica NSW 0004384 Rabobank
Capel Tom NSW 0004385 Rabobank
Daly Fiona QLD 0004386 Bank of Queensland Limited
Green Robbie OS 0004387 Rabobank
Bushell Liz OS 0004388 Rabobank
Platt Anthony VIC 0004389 Rabobank Australia
Jurkiewicz Sylwia OS 0004390 Rabobank New Zealand
Johnston Jennifer 0004391 Rabobank
Hanson Beverley OS 0004392 Rabobank
Anderson Melanie NSW 0004393 Rabobank
van der Heijde Sanne 0004394 Rabobank
King Julia OS 0004395 Rabobank
King Robert George NSW 0004396
De Gruchy Robert NSW 0004397 Rabobank
Dunmill Kylie 0004398 Rabobank
Rajendra Babu Ramya NSW 0004400 Rabobank Australia
Chan Debbie NSW 0004401 Rabobank Australia & New Zealand
Binns Gerri NSW 0004402 Rabobank
Whytcross Chelsea 0004404 Rabobank
Campbell Lachlan QLD 0004407 Rabobank
Sisson Edward NSW 0004409 Rabobank
Chasemore Paul NSW 0004411 Perpetual Limited
Johnson Tanya 0004416 Suncorp
Rush Bruce QLD 0004418 Suncorp Group Ltd
Shaw Christopher NSW 0004420 Greater Bank
Abhayawardena Inoka NT 0004424 Rabobank New Zealand
Wijeratne Duleep VIC 0004425
Pritchard Rhiannon NSW 0004427 Judo Bank
Brown Courtney Leigh OS 0004428 Rabobank New Zealand
Bordonaro Taylah VIC 0004436 Allbiz Finance Brokers Pty Ltd
Van Houts Damien 0004437 Judo Bank
Thomas David 0004441 Judo Bank
Smith Andrew VIC 0004445 Rural Bank
Davies Michael 0004453 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Cross Nicholas NSW 0004454 Rabobank
Vance Les NSW 0004455 Westpac Group Australia
NASH PETER VIC 0004458 Westpac
Laws Craig QLD 0004462
Silva Gisele VIC 0004466 Judo Bank
Joshi Shravanti VIC 0004467 Judo Bank
Gill Gurjit VIC 0004470 Judo Bank
Rowland Michael NSW 0004471 Westpac Group
Li Xing NSW 0004472 Judo Bank
Bugeja Jessica VIC 0004475 Judo Bank
HEAVEN LINDSAY NSW 0004485 Judo Bank
Lynch Christopher VIC 0004490 Westpac
Gattone Jeffery VIC 0004504 Westpac
Backhouse' Raymond G WA 0004507 Carbon Group
Simpson Amber QLD 0004508 Investment Zone
Milnes Diana 0004509 Judo Bank
Hogan Warren NSW 0004512 Judo Bank
de Boers Philip VIC 0004513 Judo Bank
Todd Michael WA 0004515 Judo Bank
Lambert Hayden VIC 0004516 Judo Bank
Ang Rena 0004517 Judo Bank
Lim Rebecca VIC 0004518 Judo Bank Pty Ltd
Blakemore Tim NSW 0004519 Judo Bank
Pichaloff Matthew NSW 0004522 Judo Bank
Kershaw Michaela QLD 0004523 ANZ
Fitzpatrick Andrew VIC 0004524 Banjo
Hage Georga VIC 0004526 Judo Capital
Janson Hannah 0004528 Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
Fuentes Christopher VIC 0004529 Sentient Finance Pty Ltd
Zarb David NSW 0004531 First Call Financial services PL
Pheach Sokhann SA 0004547
Strain Graham VIC 0004554
pavri Zarmeen NSW 0004555 SDGx
Ratajski Miranda NSW 0004576 Westpac Group Australia
McNeil Andrew VIC 0004582 Yarmouth Group
Dalton Peter VIC 0004585 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Orlando Bianca VIC 0004587 Judo Bank
Hutton Nell NSW 0004588 Westpac Banking Corp
Van Gunst Katrina VIC 0004598 Phillipsons Financial Planning Pty Ltd
Scheinkestel Nora Lia NSW 0004599 Westpac Group Australia
de Bruin Christiaan 0004600 Westpac Bank
Wright Patrick VIC 0004603 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Matheson Les NSW 0004604 National Australia Bank Limited
Hughes Christopher VIC 0004605 Judo Bank
Oldham Wade NSW 0004607 Wade Oldham Finance Pty Ltd
Dodson Brian QLD 0004608
Suryoputro Mayang VIC 0004612 Judo Bank
Leigh Benjamin VIC 0004613 Judo Bank
Frazier Lisa 0004615 Judo Capital
Crawford-Flett Victoria VIC 0004616 Judo Bank
Barns Sandra VIC 0004617 Judo Bank
Lambie Johan 0004618
Bottin Samuel VIC 0004619 Judo Bank
Boztepe Huseyin NSW 0004620 Qantas Superannuation
Healey Dan NSW 0004621 Qantas Superannuation Limited
Cornish Chris WA 0004623 Cornish Wealth Management
Voss Duane Richard VIC 0004624 Aesthetic Concepts PL ATFT Aesthetic Concepts Discretionary Trust T/As Actualize Capital
Hodnett Greg 0004626 Judo Bank
Howlett Cameron NSW 0004628 Westpac Group Australia
Gill David NSW 0004630 CAFBA
Chen Allen NSW 0004631 Westpac
Ryan Felix NSW 0004633 ANZ Banking Group Australia
Winkett Richard William VIC 0004637
Furler Ben WA 0004641 Judo Bank
Chong Sze-Li 0004642 Judo Bank
Sheedy Claire VIC 0004648 Judo Bank
Rizzo Salvatore NSW 0004650 Woolworths Group Limited
Drymonis George 0004651 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Thompson Jack VIC 0004656 Bank Australia
Roberts Emma 0004659 Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)
Solanki Aditi VIC 0004661 Judo Bank
Batistini Thomas NSW 0004662 Judo Bank
Kok Samuel 0004663 Judo Bank
O'Dea Paul SA 0004664 Judo Bank
Wells John NSW 0004667 Firma Foreign Exchange
Tawadrous Francois QLD 0004669 National Australia Bank
Balasubramanian Vimalraj NSW 0004670 Judo Bank
Jericevich Shannon QLD 0004671 Judo Bank
de Souza Richard VIC 0004673 Bank Australia Limited
Tsoumanis Stephanie VIC 0004674 Judo Bank
Orfanos Paul VIC 0004676 Delphi Bank (Division of Bendigo Adelaide Bank)
Kaushik Mamta 0004678 Judo Bank
Lee Sarah 0004680 Judo Bank
TONITTO LEE NSW 0004682 Tonitto and Partners Pty Ltd
Crowe Peter TAS 0004683 Judo Bank
Cooper Chris TAS 0004684
Ong Roger 0004685 Judo Bank
Strauss Duncan QLD 0004686 Judo Bank
Madhusudan Girish VIC 0004687 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Clayton Julian ACT 0004688 Judo Bank
Sutton Matthew VIC 0004689 Judo Bank
Layton Lucienne NSW 0004690 Crestone Wealth Management
Wolff Susan VIC 0004691 Hejaz Financial Services
Xu Kai Hao Charles NSW 0004694 Taiwan Cooperative Bank, Ltd.
Rodwell Keith NSW 0004697 Maia Financial
Ben Abdellaziz Faycal NSW 0004698 National Australia Bank
Hewitt Mark WA 0004699 Australian Finance Group (AFG)
Smith Penelope SA 0004703 NAB
Carr Matthew VIC 0004704 Judo Bank
Pumpa Greg VIC 0004705 Judo Bank
Tanner Clinton SA 0004706 Judo Bank
Lau Mei-Yan 0004707 Judo Bank
Jones Brad NSW 0004708 Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
Gan Crystal ACT 0004709 Judo Bank
Pontifex Jeff WA 0004711 Nab
Hair Jason NSW 0004712 Westpac Group
Georgiou Alexander VIC 0004713 Fifo Capital Australia
Shewan Clare VIC 0004714 Seaside Wealth Pty Ltd
Baker-Waldsax Benjamin NSW 0004715 Judo Bank
Robertson James QLD 0004716 Argyle Capital Partners Pty Ltd
Issi Melissa VIC 0004718 Judo Bank
Mehta Aakriti NSW 0004721 Westpac Group Australia
Huey Rodney James NSW 0004723 James Huey and Associates
Brabyn Ann QLD 0004727 Bank of Queensland
Moor Emma QLD 0004728 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Jensen Carl QLD 0004732 Bank of Queensland
Coaldrake Nick NSW 0004734 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Deady Paul NSW 0004736 Westpac Group Australia
Chard Tom VIC 0004738 Judo Bank
Ojaimi Sally VIC 0004742 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Coulter Stephen VIC 0004744 Controlabill
Pepicelli Alexia QLD 0004749 Judo Bank
Ure Katherine QLD 0004752 Balanz
Langbroek Ruben NSW 0004754 GRESB
Edirimanne Upeksha VIC 0004755 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Quibell George VIC 0004756 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Morrisby Angela QLD 0004758 Judo Bank
Hoh Jian Feng 0004759 Judo Bank
Shingatwar Shivganga VIC 0004761 Judo Bank
Sullivan Kieran VIC 0004762 Judo Bank
Qin Sarah 0004763 Judo Bank
Smoje Matthew WA 0004764 National Australia Bank
McWilliams Jessica QLD 0004766 Bank Of Queensland
Chand Shaneel VIC 0004767 Judo Bank
Chen Sha NSW 0004768 Judo Bank
Lee Amanda QLD 0004769 Suncorp
Daley Tyrone QLD 0004770 Judo Bank
Cong Flora 0004772 Judo Bank
Cottrell Alex QLD 0004773 Judo Bank
Cai Zhi WA 0004774 Judo Bank
Rodda Jan VIC 0004776 National Australia Bank
Kim Christine Yumi QLD 0004781 Balanz
Slade Deanne QLD 0004782 Bank of Queensland
Dix Stuart QLD 0004786 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Chen Shute NSW 0004787 APRA
Tan Erwin Joseph 0004789 Lakehouse Capital
Edwards Hadley OS 0004790 Rabobank New Zealand
McLean Candice 0004799 Bank of Queensland
Whiteside Duncan NSW 0004802 MetLife
Le Huynh Quang NSW 0004805 MetLife Australia
Jones Richard NSW 0004806 MetLife Australia
Lane Anthony NSW 0004808 N/A
Flaherty Megan NSW 0004812 MetLife Australia
Cary Stephanie NSW 0004813 MetLife Australia
David Loic QLD 0004815 Bank of Queensland
Manzatu Cami NSW 0004818 Australian Mutual Bank
li kam 0004819 MetLife Australia
Sen Rukmi 0004821 MetLife Australia
Thomson George WA 0004823 Judo Bank
Todesco Lou VIC 0004824 Judo Bank
Withington Niall NSW 0004825 MetLife Australia
Borg Paul VIC 0004830 ME Bank
Huang Hunter NSW 0004831 MetLife Australia
Tuit Diana NSW 0004834 MetLife Australia
Ross Julian 0004835 MetLife Australia
Ledingham Timothy QLD 0004836 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Wykes Bradley VIC 0004837 National Australia Bank
Clark Bill QLD 0004843 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Timchur Daniel QLD 0004844 Bank of Queensland
Milbank Adam NSW 0004853 Australian Mutual Bank
O'Bryen Nicholas NSW 0004854 MetLife Australia
Manual Ryan 0004855 MetLife Australia
Lawson Murray NSW 0004859 Deloitte Risk Advisory
Pasanovic Ajdin 0004864 Judo Bank
Jones Shirley NSW 0004865 Australian Mutual Bank
McKenna Greg NSW 0004866 Police Bank
Warner Glen NSW 0004867 Australian Mutual Bank
Davison Brett VIC 0004868 Judo Bank
Manos Angelo VIC 0004872
Lam King Suet WA 0004873 Judo Bank
Nygryn Leah NSW 0004875 Australian Mutual Bank
Backhouse Nicole NSW 0004878 Westpac
Turner Brad QLD 0004880 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Mizzi Denise NSW 0004881 Australian Mutual Bank
Suttie David 0004882 Judo Bank
Lingford Jared VIC 0004885 Judo Bank
Jones Kris QLD 0004888 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Hawkett Ania NSW 0004891 Australian Mutual Bank
Kaur Hardeep VIC 0004894 Judo Bank
Mouatt Natalie VIC 0004896 Judo Bank
Sommer Jason 0004899 AMP
van Staden Michael NSW 0004900 Australian Mutual Bank
Smith Coleman 0004901 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Mides Alexander 0004902 Judo Bank
Chrisp Angus QLD 0004903 Balanz
Khare Apurwa SA 0004906 Judo Bank
Nguyen Therese 0004920 AUSTRALIAN MUTUAL BANK
Potten Taylah NSW 0004925 Australian Mutual Bank
MUTUKU HAN NSW 0004928 Australian Mutual Bank
Yuen Allan NSW 0004933 Australian Mutual Bank
Duke Angela NSW 0004936 Australian Mutual Bank
Murray Ryan QLD 0004938 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Aaskov Tanya QLD 0004954 BOQ
Bebbington Coral QLD 0004956 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Hall Cameron 0004957 Unknown
McCutcheon Magdalene NSW 0004958 Volt Bank
Shields Susan NSW 0004960 Australian Mutual Bank
Hatton Elizabeth VIC 0004966 VivaEthical Financial Advice
Knowles Peta NSW 0004971 Australian Mutual Bank
Holt Sharlene 0004980 Australian Mutual Bank
Haigh Andrew NSW 0004995 Westpac
Cooke Daniel 0004997 Australian Mutual Bank
Hancock Emma 0004999 Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA)
Xiao Tam 0005003 Judo Bank
Tabbiner Christopher NSW 0005004 Woolworths Group Limited
Gillespie Amanda NSW 0005012 Perpetual Ltd
Fornarino Daniel VIC 0005017
Voultsios Con 0005018 Judo Bank
Funke Kupper Elmer 0005027 Suncorp
Herman Sally NSW 0005028 Suncorp
Boyd Andrew 0005032 Judo Bank
Edmonds-Colley Linda NSW 0005033 Australian Mutual Bank
Swain Saroj Kumar VIC 0005035 Judo Bank
Van Liessum Casey VIC 0005037 Judo Bank
Manning Fiona NSW 0005040 Apostle Funds Management
Bui Ella WA 0005041 Judo Bank
Claassens Alex NSW 0005047 Australian Mutual Bank
Palmer-Lander Lyn NSW 0005049 Australian Mutual Bank
Fogarty Dolours NSW 0005054 Australian Mutual Bank
Hornery Christine NSW 0005058 FMS Group
barden peter QLD 0005062 Prudential Asset Management
McIvor Jasmine OS 0005082 Rabobank New Zealand
Clark Sharryn OS 0005083 Rabobank New Zealand
Angsana Arintasari 0005088 Rabobank New Zealand
McPherson Karyn OS 0005089 Rabobank New Zealand
Alchin Shane NSW 0005092 Rabobank Australia
Renyard Laura VIC 0005094 Rabobank Australia
Ciccia Tyson VIC 0005095 Rabobank Australia
Waye Melissa QLD 0005100 Rabobank Australia
Chan Fiona 0005105 Rabobank Australia
Rosewarne Louise NSW 0005107 Rabobank Australia
Weatherly Clare 0005108 Rabobank Australia
Moss Adam 0005110 Rabobank Australia
Subramaniam Sundara NSW 0005112 Rabobank Australia
McKinnon Rachel 0005113 Rabobank Australia
Jackson David NSW 0005114 Rabobank Australia
Bigwood Simon WA 0005117 Rabobank Australia
Manalad Arnel NSW 0005120 Rabobank Australia
Clarry Patricia 0005123 Rabobank New Zealand
Hawkins Zara OS 0005141 Rabobank New Zealand
Calder Raylene OS 0005150 Rabobank New Zealand
Testa Sarah 0005165 Rabobank Australia
Greenaway Richard NSW 0005166 Rabobank Australia
Wood Susie 0005169 Rabobank Australia
Allen Kim NSW 0005173 Rabobank Australia
Hew Vince VIC 0005181 Judo Bank
Child Ingrid NSW 0005183 Rabobank Australia
Adeleye Ayobami Emmanuel VIC 0005191 Judo Bank
Schade Kate NSW 0005192 Judo Bank
Gunman Mitchell NSW 0005193 Apostle Funds Management
West Karyn NSW 0005194 Apostle Funds Management
Nicol Christopher QLD 0005196 Judo Bank
Caguin Ada NSW 0005197 Judo Bank
Douglas Jennifer VIC 0005203 Judo Bank
Piner Jay VIC 0005204 Unknown
FRONIMAKIS Valerie VIC 0005205 Judo Bank
Wilson Stephen VIC 0005206 Judo Bank
Hoang Huong VIC 0005207 Judo Bank
Wood Nathan NSW 0005209 Judo Bank
van den Bosch Alan VIC 0005210 Judo Bank
Srikakulam Veenavalli VIC 0005211
Baidya Avik Ranjan VIC 0005212 Judo Bank
Salmon Justin NSW 0005218 Judo Bank
Harrison Jamie VIC 0005219 Judo Bank
Kennedy Nathan NSW 0005224 Judo Bank
Collins Michael VIC 0005225 Judo Bank
Meda Suneelkumar 0005226 Judo Bank
Shen Bojun VIC 0005227 Judo Bank
Shakya Paleshma VIC 0005229 Judo Bank
Pravica Claire VIC 0005231 Judo Bank
Vassileva Ioana 0005233 Judo Bank
Mengana Feliu Hector QLD 0005235
Bhadra Jayesh VIC 0005236 Judo Capital
Sawa Fay VIC 0005238 Judo Bank
Zocco Daniel VIC 0005241 Judo Bank
Kurt Ayse VIC 0005245
Gibbs Philip NSW 0005247 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Merckel Adam VIC 0005248 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Lee Annie NSW 0005251 Judo Bank
Woods Duncan NSW 0005255 Westpac Group Australia
Hand Mark VIC 0005256 ANZ Banking Group Australia
O’Sullivan Paul VIC 0005258 ANZ Banking Group Australia
Carnegie Maile NSW 0005261 ANZ Banking Group Australia
Katta Bhaskar VIC 0005274 Westpac Group Australia
Hall Matthew VIC 0005275 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Neave Colin VIC 0005276 Other (please specify)
Harrison Jonathan ACT 0005277 Judo Bank
Kozub Joanne VIC 0005278
Bedi Karan VIC 0005279 Judo Bank
Bentley Faye NSW 0005280 Australian Mutual Bank
Biddulph Lalitha NSW 0005281 Westpac Group Australia
Tran John VIC 0005282 Judo Bank
Lucchitti Claudia NSW 0005283 Australian Mutual Bank
Pettigrew James VIC 0005284 Judo Bank
Rout Mark VIC 0005285 Judo Capital
Veldhoen Freek VIC 0005286 National Australia Bank (NAB)
So Kaze NSW 0005287 Judo Bank
Torlak Goran 0005288 Judo Bank
Vidyaprakash Nita 0005289 Westpac Group Australia
Morgan Cameron NSW 0005290 Judo Bank
Whelan Mark VIC 0005291 ANZ Banking Group Australia
INNES John Rossell NSW 0005292 Future Proof Financial
Schubert Christopher VIC 0005293 Judo Bank
Johnson Grant VIC 0005294 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Eastwood Keith VIC 0005295 Judo Bank
Jothidas Avanthi NSW 0005296 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Yeo Jonathan VIC 0005297 Judo Bank
Douglas Jessica VIC 0005298 Heartland Seniors Finance
Vohra Kshitij VIC 0005299 Judo Bank
Vu Quy VIC 0005300 Heartland Seniors Finance
Nightingale Shirlene VIC 0005301 Heartland Seniors Finance
Marsden Sue VIC 0005302
Lister Madison VIC 0005303 Heartland Seniors Finance
Tao Lauren VIC 0005304 Judo Bank
tidhar tair VIC 0005305 Judo Bank
Ta Jason VIC 0005306 Heartland Seniors Finance
McNee Gavin VIC 0005307 Judo Bank
Dalipis Steven VIC 0005308 Heartland Seniors Finance
Green Gema SA 0005309
Nguyen Lisa NSW 0005310 Koda Capital
Scates Jonathan VIC 0005311 Heartland Seniors Finance
Poonia Jaismeet VIC 0005312 Heartland Seniors Finance
Brine Lindesay NSW 0005313 Macquarie University
Masoe Kueva VIC 0005314
Bourke Sam 0005315
Bach Christine QLD 0005316 Judo Bank
Marr Jason VIC 0005317 Judo Bank
Starkey Robert 0005318 Australian Mutual Bank
ENRIQUEZ MARIA MICHELLE BARRIOS 0005319 Australian Mutual Bank
Butnaru Adam NSW 0005320 Australian Mutual Bank
Iap Tiffany VIC 0005321 ANZ Banking Group Australia
Quach Kim VIC 0005322 ANZ Banking Group Australia
Mina Sophie 0005323 Volt Bank
Wakefield Caitlin QLD 0005324 ANZ Banking Group Australia
Hasan Kam NSW 0005325 Volt Bank
Mallia Will NSW 0005326 Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)
Christodouleas JoAnne VIC 0005327 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Canilao Christian VIC 0005328 Judo Bank
Greentree Kane NSW 0005329 Judo Bank
Sloan Matthew VIC 0005330 Judo Bank
Apap Justin VIC 0005331 Judo Bank
Tsiatsios Alex 0005332 Judo Bank
Bishop Zachary 0005333 ANZ Banking Group Australia
Liu Tian NSW 0005334 Volt Bank
Churkovich Nicholas 0005335 Koda Capital
Schiller Lauren 0005336 ANZ Banking Group Australia
Stott Lilian 0005337 ANZ Banking Group Australia
Forster Clifford NSW 0005338 Other (please specify)
Grunwaldt Zachary VIC 0005339 Judo Bank
Bell Robyn VIC 0005340 Judo Bank
Erskine Grant WA 0005343 Judo Bank
Usher Anton NSW 0005344 Australian Mutual Bank
Williams Hamish QLD 0005345 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Fleming James NSW 0005347 Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)
Gao Sa 0005348 Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)
Hall Mandy 0005349
McCarthy Hockey Therese NSW 0005350 Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)
Howell Angela Jane WA 0005351 Other (please specify)
French Glen VIC 0005352 Heartland Seniors Finance
Ali Rachel VIC 0005353 Heartland Seniors Finance
Truong Gemma NSW 0005354
Yahyaie Hamid NSW 0005355 Macquarie University
Raciti Adam NSW 0005356 Judo Bank
Elumalai Praveen Kumar 0005357 Volt Bank
D'Rozario Amanda VIC 0005358 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Gentile Nicolas VIC 0005359 Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)
Fischer Benjamin NSW 0005360 Volt Bank
Cuskelly Peter VIC 0005361 Private Mortgages Australia
Zhao Eric NSW 0005362 Volt Bank
Jin Tiancheng NSW 0005363 Volt Bank
Gu Mingxing NSW 0005364 Volt Bank
Collett Michael VIC 0005365 SCM Financial Group
Jin Tiancheng NSW 0005366 Volt Bank
Burton Tom VIC 0005367
Chan Jonathan 0005368 Judo Bank
Enriquez Wayne WA 0005369 Wesfarmers Limited
CHANG YING-E 0005370 MetLife Australia
McCann Louise 0005371 Judo Bank
Gibbons Jason QLD 0005372 Judo Bank
Lim Min-Hui Christina NSW 0005373 Australian National University (ANU)
Wu Tiffany NSW 0005374 Macquarie Capital
Corbett Robyn WA 0005375 Wesfarmers Limited
Dean Phillip NSW 0005376 Judo Bank
House Mayleah NSW 0005377 Other (please specify)
Choijiljamba Batkhishig NSW 0005378 Other (please specify)
Newman Tracy WA 0005379 Wesfarmers Limited
Sergent Joanne NSW 0005380 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Edwards Joshua QLD 0005381 Judo Bank
Martin Alyssa NSW 0005382 Judo Bank
Bissikalo Lucas VIC 0005383 U Ethical
Davis TJ VIC 0005384 Heartland Seniors Finance
Singh Raman NSW 0005385 QBE Insurance Group
Jones Felix ACT 0005386 Australian National University (ANU)
Johnson Claire NSW 0005387 Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
Nyendwa Chichi NSW 0005388 MetLife Australia
Khan Khurram VIC 0005389 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Grubert Andrew VIC 0005390 Judo Bank
Ikea Ose ACT 0005391 Judo Bank
Callaghan Peter QLD 0005392 Judo Bank
Ritchie Veronica 0005393 Judo Bank
Scott Oliver VIC 0005394 Judo Bank
Ilieska Kat NSW 0005395 MetLife Australia
Staib Tammy QLD 0005396 Judo Bank
Kapoor Ankita 0005397 Australian Mutual Bank
Black Brenda ACT 0005398 Judo Bank
Romano Lauren 0005399 Judo Bank
Michael Mark QLD 0005400 Judo Bank
Pittard Alana QLD 0005401 Judo Bank
Son Carol 0005402
Reddy Sharona NSW 0005403 Koda Capital
Al-Mahaidi Rand 0005404 Judo Bank
Grant Candice NSW 0005405
Macmillan Andrew NSW 0005406 Australian Mutual Bank
Stewart Haylee VIC 0005407 Judo Bank
Walker Jason VIC 0005408 Judo Bank
Gray Delia WA 0005410 Wesfarmers Limited
McQueen Michael VIC 0005411 Foresters Financial
Bhurji Dimple VIC 0005413 Judo Bank
Lantieri Jessica VIC 0005414 Judo Bank
Tipnis Aditya NSW 0005415 Australian Mutual Bank
Harberts Laurens WA 0005416 Judo Bank
Godbold Grant Allan Keith QLD 0005417 Judo Bank
O'Malley Carolyn VIC 0005418 SCM Financial Group
Segun Emmanuel QLD 0005419 ING Australia
Chiam Kelvin Tze Jing WA 0005420 Judo Bank
Walker Euan VIC 0005421 Judo Bank
Hughes Tim SA 0005422 Judo Bank
McDonald Bernadette VIC 0005423 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Lam Yew Chai VIC 0005424 Judo Bank
O'Donnell Sean VIC 0005425 Other (please specify)
Farquhar Ian NSW 0005426 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Elfes Angeleke 0005427
Dimitriadis Nikolas NSW 0005428 Judo Bank
Barkas Darren NSW 0005429 Fetch Advisers
Feng Jessie VIC 0005430 Judo Bank
CHAN Brandall Yi-Xin ACT 0005431 Marquette Financial
Singleton Jennifer NSW 0005432 Australian Mutual Bank
Munt Paul NSW 0005433 LSH Credit Australia
Salisbury Hannah VIC 0005434 Judo Bank
Khoury George NSW 0005435 Assetline Capital
Vamvakaris Andrew NSW 0005436
Reskic Shannon NSW 0005437 Judo Bank
Smith Naomi QLD 0005438 Judo Bank
Edwards Andrew NSW 0005439 Judo Bank
Papakyriakopoulos John VIC 0005440 Judo Capital
Djordjevic Ksenija VIC 0005441 Judo Bank
Pritchard Megan VIC 0005442 Judo Bank
Joffe Farrel NSW 0005443 AltX
James Daniel NSW 0005444 AltX
Lucas Jason NSW 0005445 Assetline Capital
Mansouri Affie NSW 0005446 Assetline Capital
Tuohey Josh NSW 0005447 Assetline Capital
Macheras Andrew NSW 0005448 Assetline Capital
Martinez Edgar 0005449 Judo Bank
Jankovic Ljubisa NSW 0005450 Judo Bank
Fitzgibbon David NSW 0005451 AltX
Orkin Taryn NSW 0005452 Assetline Capital
Filler Steven NSW 0005453 Assetline Capital
Cao Oscar NSW 0005454 Assetline Capital
Younes Elias NSW 0005455 Assetline Capital
Iskander Rachel NSW 0005456 Assetline Capital
McFarlane Grant NSW 0005457 Assetline Capital
Semmens Scott NSW 0005458 Judo Bank
Zheng David VIC 0005459 SCM Financial Group
McDougall Samantha 0005460 Woolworths
Assi Elie 0005461 Judo Bank
Le Truong WA 0005462 Wesfarmers Limited
Evans Natalie 0005463 Australian Mutual Bank
Crass Chloe NSW 0005464 Australian Mutual Bank
Campbell Mitchell 0005465 Australian Mutual Bank
Guerra Tina QLD 0005466 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Cummins Georgie 0005467 Judo Bank
Wakefield John NSW 0005468 MetLife Australia
Smith Penelope NSW 0005469 Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
Leventeris Faten SA 0005470 Westpac Group Australia
Leventeris Isabella SA 0005471 Westpac Group Australia
Holstein Suzanne 0005472 Judo Bank
Kohler Marion NSW 0005473 Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
Woods Susan NSW 0005474 Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
Segaert Michelle NSW 0005475 EY
Mazurkeiwicz Wendy NSW 0005476 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Fesseha Ruth NSW 0005477 PwC Australia
Warian Alexander NSW 0005478 Judo Bank
Hill Terence NSW 0005479 Judo Bank
Browne Aaron NSW 0005480 Judo Bank
Sutadji Suyanti NSW 0005481 Judo Bank
Deane Jack QLD 0005482 Morgans
Smith Nathan VIC 0005483 Judo Bank
Mezrani Jackie NSW 0005484 Assetline Capital
Zhang Chris VIC 0005485 Judo Bank
Smith Christopher 0005486 Judo Bank
Westgarth Nicholas VIC 0005487 Judo Bank
McArthur Christine VIC 0005488 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Hayes Tori 0005489 Australian Mutual Bank
Trimboli Adam VIC 0005490 Other (please specify)
Burland Christine NSW 0005491 Australian Mutual Bank
Hornery David NSW 0005492 Judo Bank
Drake John NSW 0005493 Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
Brischetto Andrea NSW 0005494 Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
Taylor Grace ACT 0005495 Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
Malki Cara Amanda VIC 0005496 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Sapsford Maddison 0005497 Australian Mutual Bank
Kumar Puneet VIC 0005498 Heartland Seniors Finance
Brackenridge Connor VIC 0005499 Heartland Seniors Finance
Shahbazzadeh Samar VIC 0005500 Judo Bank
Gough Jason NSW 0005501 Judo Bank
Baxter Kirsten NSW 0005502 Westpac Group Australia
Chambers-McLean Kristian NSW 0005503 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Bailey Michelle WA 0005504 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Kearns Jonathan 0005505 Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
Singh Jyotishima VIC 0005506 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Pym Dominic VIC 0005507 Other (please specify)
Ho Franco 0005508 Australian Mutual Bank
El-Ansary Yasser NSW 0005509 Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA)
Bedi Raji VIC 0005510 ANZ Banking Group New Zealand
Nair Vijay 0005511 ANZ Banking Group Australia
Roberts Alexander VIC 0005512 Judo Bank
Fuentes Andres 0005513 ANZ Banking Group Australia
Grech Erin NSW 0005514 The Banking & Finance Oath
Shay Xavier 0005515 Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
Marsic Nika NSW 0005516 Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
Bain Alex VIC 0005517 Judo Bank
Redmond Thomas VIC 0005518 ANZ Banking Group Australia
D'Souza Ryan VIC 0005519 Judo Bank
Williams Jay VIC 0005520 Judo Bank
Struthers James VIC 0005521
Glogowski Matt 0005522 Other (please specify)
Bhatia Vipin VIC 0005523 Other (please specify)
Hariharan Divya 0005524
Kurien Keerthan NSW 0005525
Alsbury Adam VIC 0005526 Judo Bank
Tran Christopher Khac Nguyen 0005527 Judo Bank
San Juan Bernadette NSW 0005528 Judo Bank
Grace Sarah 0005529 Australian Mutual Bank
Lantzke Adelle 0005530
Harding Stuart NSW 0005531 MetLife Australia
Hough Warren NSW 0005532 MetLife Australia
Chandra Aman 0005533 Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
Dowden Kristen WA 0005534 MetLife Australia
Harrop Patrick VIC 0005535 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Huang Feida QLD 0005536 Judo Bank
Nappa Joshua 0005537 U Ethical
Connelly Cassandra NSW 0005538 MetLife Australia
Hennessy David VIC 0005539 U Ethical
Toal Michael NSW 0005540 SCM Financial Group
Corbett Lucy 0005541 Judo Bank
Hatton Arleen NSW 0005542 MetLife Australia
Genoni Daniel WA 0005543 Judo Bank
Holthouse Stuart QLD 0005544 Other (please specify)
Folkes Peter NSW 0005545 Orca Funds Management
Stupavski Pauline VIC 0005546 MetLife Australia
Lucchese Desiree VIC 0005547 U Ethical
Lin Donger 0005548 U Ethical
Gianna Alex 0005549 U Ethical
Lim Sihui (Erica) 0005550 U Ethical
Lees Russell VIC 0005551 Kauri Wealth Management
Mackney Rebecca QLD 0005552 Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)
Finnie Mi-Lin WA 0005553 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Drayton Keith NSW 0005554 Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
Callinan David NSW 0005555 Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)
Shelton Mark NSW 0005556 MetLife Australia
Campbell Sharon VIC 0005557 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Sachdeva Nitin 0005558 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Shrestha Sarina 0005559 Australian Mutual Bank
Lukaitis Leeanne VIC 0005560 U Ethical
Asai Satoko 0005561 U Ethical
Cappe Gabriella VIC 0005562 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Burke Lachlan NSW 0005563 Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)
Carr Brad VIC 0005564 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Mohammed Khwaja Imran NSW 0005565 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Taleb Tarek VIC 0005566 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Skene Ian VIC 0005567 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Kim Steven NSW 0005568 Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)
Parry Marni NSW 0005569 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Will Chris NSW 0005570 Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
Lanceman Paul NSW 0005571 Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
Constable Paul NSW 0005572 Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)
Perika Manishka Dimple VIC 0005573 National Australia Bank (NAB)
McKinnon Keiran NSW 0005574 MetLife Australia
Sullivan Fiona NSW 0005575 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Anderson Richard NSW 0005576 MetLife Australia
Kennedy Danielle 0005577
Liu Christine NSW 0005578 MetLife Australia
Yang Lily 0005579 Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
Chen Aaron Jian-Da NSW 0005580 Aureus Global
Bloom Abby VIC 0005581 U Ethical
Morris-Webb Carolyn NSW 0005582 Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)
Moltzan Erik NSW 0005583 Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
Anderson-Firth Judy VIC 0005584 Other (please specify)
Sarkissian Rosette NSW 0005585 Judo Bank
Grech-Matthews Scott NSW 0005586 MetLife Australia
Enos Katrina VIC 0005587 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Stewart Chris NSW 0005588 Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
Jones Mary NSW 0005589 Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA)
Liauw Mary Natalie NSW 0005590 MetLife Australia
O'Connell Siobhan NSW 0005591 MetLife Australia
Mohrenberger Kelly NSW 0005592 Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA)
Bloom Gordana NSW 0005593 Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
Turner Michael VIC 0005594 Hamilton Wealth Partners
Chapman Glen QLD 0005595 Judo Bank
Winter David NSW 0005596 Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)
Jackson Kane VIC 0005597 Maslow
Agarwal Arjun VIC 0005598 Inaam Impact Investing
Hall Blayde QLD 0005599 Judo Bank
Robinson Caitlin VIC 0005600 Maslow
Wright Michael SA 0005601 Judo Bank
Fitzpatrick Nigel VIC 0005602 Gain Finance
davis isaac VIC 0005603 Judo Bank
Coniam Melanie VIC 0005604
Dagnia Peter WA 0005606 Wesfarmers
Egan Matthew WA 0005607 Wesfarmers
Redwood Sandra VIC 0005608 ANZ Banking Group Australia
Sziewicz Leon 0005609 Judo Bank
Becker Joanne NSW 0005610 Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA)
Smith Portia VIC 0005611 ANZ Banking Group Australia
Vogt Reuben Nathaniel James VIC 0005612 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Bisht Ritika Singh 0005613 Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA)
Saaghy Daniel NSW 0005614 Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA)
Maxwell Elliott 0005615 ANZ Banking Group Australia
Li Lizzy 0005616 Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA)
Worsfold Karen NSW 0005617 Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA)
Fageer Mohamed 0005618 Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)
Martin Elizabeth NSW 0005619 Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA)
Brelage Adolf VIC 0005620 Judo Bank
Jolly Kelly 0005621 Judo Bank
Lo Andrea NSW 0005622 Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA)
Koo Aaron 0005623 Judo Bank
Day Jack NSW 0005624 Judo Bank
Kam Patricia VIC 0005625 Judo Bank
Dantuluri Sireesh Varma 0005626 MetLife Australia
Eggleton ( Nee Ntiamoah) Stella NSW 0005627 MetLife Australia
Adams Jonathan VIC 0005628 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Bagraith Sukhveer QLD 0005629 Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)
Badger Antonia NSW 0005630 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Verma Rohan VIC 0005631 Judo Bank
Tagg Caitlin NSW 0005632 Judo Bank
Heavens Narelle WA 0005633 Judo Bank
Higgs Leonie VIC 0005634 Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
Long Tracy WA 0005635 Other (please specify)
Warren Brooke NSW 0005636 Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA)
Edwards Amged 0005637 Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA)
Turpie Joshua NSW 0005638 Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA)
Poynter Heidi SA 0005639 Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
patel aashal NSW 0005640 MetLife Australia
Panther Lewis 0005641 Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA)
Santos Isobel VIC 0005642 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
McManus Leanne ACT 0005643 Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA)
Vincent Scott VIC 0005644 Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
Sheffield James NSW 0005645 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Irwin Chris QLD 0005646 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
McConnell Nicki OS 0005647 Rabobank New Zealand
Baker Nataly QLD 0005648 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Kelly Anne NSW 0005649 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Schabe Gayle QLD 0005650 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Bauer Rachel QLD 0005651 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Frazis George 0005652 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Connor Brian VIC 0005653 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Craven Michael QLD 0005654 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Kowal Tom 0005655 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Anderson Meredith NSW 0005656 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Martin Todd VIC 0005657 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Evans Julie VIC 0005658 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Holzberger Maxine QLD 0005659 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
XIE YI 0005660 Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA)
Nichols Cameron VIC 0005661 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Rowe Kristy 0005662 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Geeraerts Marcus QLD 0005663 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Dillon Gary 0005664 Other (please specify)
Leonardi Samuel QLD 0005665 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Walls Terrin QLD 0005666 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Finlayson Rebecca VIC 0005667 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Suamba Jayrham 0005668 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Frawley Patrick NSW 0005669 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Fleay Jen QLD 0005670 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
SULFARO SANTINO VIC 0005671 ANZ Banking Group Australia
Lyons Nathan NSW 0005672 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Naidoo Verushka NSW 0005673 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Rice Alison NSW 0005674 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Purushothamar Aberami NSW 0005675 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Dobson Melinda QLD 0005676 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Saadat Michael 0005677 Other (please specify)
Joyce Simone QLD 0005678 Other (please specify)
Sands Robin SA 0005679 Link4 Cloud
Kidd Oliver VIC 0005680 Archa
Lyall Cathryn NSW 0005681 Seed Money Australia
Santoni Carlo 0005682 Other (please specify)
Erzetic Annetta NSW 0005683 Australian Mutual Bank
Pennings Annaliese NSW 0005684 Australian Mutual Bank
EASTON DANIEL NSW 0005685 Australian Mutual Bank
DJELEVSKI GORAN NSW 0005686 Australian Mutual Bank
Ali Shereen NSW 0005687 Australian Mutual Bank
Balderi Kathryn NSW 0005688 Australian Mutual Bank
Bridges Karen Anne NSW 0005689 Australian Mutual Bank
Kavass Nick VIC 0005690 Other (please specify)
Keen Stuart VIC 0005691 Other (please specify)
D'Almeida Rehan NSW 0005692 Fintech Australia
Schneider Yvette QLD 0005693 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Godber Harry NSW 0005694 Flare
Cunha Gostinski Lisandra NSW 0005695 Other (please specify)
Smith Stephen NSW 0005696 Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
White Garry QLD 0005697
Lee Adam QLD 0005698 Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
Font Michele 0005699 Australian Mutual Bank
VUMMIDI KALPANA NSW 0005700 Australian Mutual Bank
sarju priya NSW 0005701 Australian Mutual Bank
Davidson Susan 0005702 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
phan Jenny NSW 0005703 Australian Mutual Bank
Seidensticker Nhung 0005704
Loje Josephine Josette NSW 0005705 Australian Mutual Bank
Vermeulen Peet NSW 0005706 Judo Bank
Trethewey Mariah NSW 0005707 Other (please specify)
Wright Reba WA 0005708 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
BRENNAN DAVID VIC 0005709 U Ethical
kanaan natalie NSW 0005710 Australian Mutual Bank
Finch Rod NSW 0005711 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Watts David NSW 0005712 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Tilden Sophie QLD 0005713 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
tanevski john NSW 0005714 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Allton Nicholas NSW 0005715 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Buckley Liam NSW 0005716 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Davies Ben QLD 0005717 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
David Anna NSW 0005718 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Giannakopoulos Jim 0005719 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Cao David 0005720 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Lane-Mullins Ricky-anne QLD 0005721 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Leong Sharon NSW 0005722 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Lockwood Johnny NSW 0005723 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Hovey Kirsten VIC 0005724 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Cray Sally NSW 0005725 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Mehta Nikki 0005726 Judo Bank
Bold David NSW 0005727 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Gruskin Andrew VIC 0005728 U Ethical
Jager Martine NSW 0005729 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Modra Katie VIC 0005730 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Boesch Andreas NSW 0005731 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Lee Lewis VIC 0005732 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Lavender Celeste VIC 0005733 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Mak Christopher VIC 0005734 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Borg Martin NSW 0005735 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Lippett Dana NSW 0005736 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Davis Cynthia QLD 0005737 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Campbell Kristy NSW 0005738 Australian Mutual Bank
Thompson Stephen VIC 0005739 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Townsend Melody VIC 0005740 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Booth Jasmine NSW 0005741 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Bakos Mick VIC 0005742 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Takarangi Anna VIC 0005743 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Ryan Zac 0005744 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
McCaffrey Adrian NSW 0005745 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Hastedt Kelly QLD 0005746 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Dimopoulos Vesna 0005747 U Ethical
Lee Gilbert VIC 0005748 U Ethical
Paterson Maureen NSW 0005749 Australian Mutual Bank
Saldoni Xavier VIC 0005750 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Wilson Samantha NSW 0005751 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
munckton peter NSW 0005752 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Herath Vasana NSW 0005753 Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
McLachlan Janet NSW 0005754 Australian Mutual Bank
Mortimer Maria QLD 0005755 Other (please specify)
Cummings Kathy NSW 0005756 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Singh Parveen Lata NSW 0005757 Australian Mutual Bank
Hewson Dean VIC 0005758 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Basdegirmenci Banu NSW 0005759 Australian Mutual Bank
Somerville Brian VIC 0005760 Judo Bank
Jones Dylan VIC 0005761 Judo Bank
Eichbaum Todd VIC 0005762 Judo Bank
Eugenio John 0005763 Heartland Seniors Finance
Gago Sebastian Ryan VIC 0005764 Heartland Seniors Finance
Mannering Shaun VIC 0005765 Heartland Seniors Finance
Kennedy Donna VIC 0005766 Heartland Seniors Finance
Fitzgerald Emma NSW 0005767 Koda Capital
Drum Frank VIC 0005768 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Vanderslot Jackson 0005769 Judo Bank
Absalom Ben NSW 0005770 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Sidlo Benjamin NSW 0005771 Judo Bank
Ramesh Jithesh VIC 0005772 Judo Bank
Nguyen Aimee 0005773 Judo Capital
Schneider Reuben VIC 0005774 Judo Bank
Caputi Gabrielle 0005775 Judo Bank
Gallear Danica 0005776 Judo Bank
Smart Boyd VIC 0005777 Judo Capital
Squires Craig NSW 0005778 Perpetual
Matthews Jacob VIC 0005779 ANZ Banking Group Australia
Collins Lea VIC 0005780 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Dimarco Sylvie NSW 0005781 Perpetual
Hoffman Andrew 0005782 Judo Bank
Go Kee Shin 0005783 Judo Bank
Clements Patricia NSW 0005784 Rabobank Australia
Robinson Roger VIC 0005785 Rabobank Australia
Anderson Martin WA 0005786 Rabobank Australia
Tung Felicia NSW 0005787 Rabobank Australia
Shallard Christopher OS 0005788 Rabobank New Zealand
Ravindran Nirupama NSW 0005789 Rabobank Australia
Gallichan Angela NSW 0005790 Rabobank Australia
Gorman Susan NSW 0005791 Rabobank Australia
Brown Jennifer NSW 0005792 Rabobank Australia
Anderson Rob QLD 0005793 Rabobank Australia
Reilly Joanne WA 0005794 Rabobank Australia
Cover Vanessa NSW 0005795 Rabobank Australia
Kumar Anil NSW 0005796 Rabobank Australia
Zhang Leeane 0005797 Rabobank Australia
Kan Liria 0005798 Rabobank Australia
Sewrajsing Anne NSW 0005799 Rabobank Australia
Fox AM Nancy NSW 0005800 Perpetual
Kao Karen Shao-Gin NSW 0005801 Rabobank Australia
Deblois Certosini Sophia NSW 0005802 Rabobank Australia
Khan Yawar 0005803 Rabobank Australia
Dunn Micheal OS 0005804 Rabobank New Zealand
Cauvin Alexa NSW 0005805 Rabobank Australia
Greay Carol WA 0005806 Rabobank Australia
Sunkara Rajasekhara Reddy 0005807 Rabobank Australia
Short Nick WA 0005808 Rabobank Australia
Vogel Stefan 0005809 Rabobank Australia
Jerome Carolyn 0005810 Rabobank New Zealand
Walker Andrew QLD 0005811 Rabobank Australia
Sandaljian Christian 0005812 Rabobank Australia
Varghese Sheba NSW 0005813 Rabobank Australia
Henderson Brian OS 0005814 Rabobank New Zealand
Ngu Lee-Roy 0005815 Rabobank New Zealand
MacKinnon Anna OS 0005816 Rabobank New Zealand
Taberer Clinton NSW 0005817 Rabobank Australia
Mackinlay Keith NSW 0005818 Rabobank Australia
McLean Dave OS 0005819 Rabobank New Zealand
Joyner Elisabeth 0005820 Rabobank Australia
Piper Claire OS 0005821 Rabobank Australia
Murthy Akhila 0005822 Rabobank Australia
Annear William OS 0005823 Rabobank New Zealand
Hoepner Kimberley SA 0005824 Rabobank Australia
Parekh Vandana 0005825 Rabobank New Zealand
Lee Bonny 0005826 Rabobank Australia
Halliday Alison NSW 0005827 Rabobank Australia
Su Shan NSW 0005828 Rabobank Australia
Choque Claudia Valesca 0005829 Rabobank Australia
LI MAN POK 0005830 Rabobank Australia
Seresinhe Yathartha 0005831 Rabobank New Zealand
Elias Jan NSW 0005832 Rabobank Australia
Thorby Whitney OS 0005833 Rabobank New Zealand
Archibald Miles 0005834 Rabobank Australia
Swami Rajni 0005835 Rabobank Australia
Khoshaba Yaqub NSW 0005836 Rabobank Australia
Pidgeon Lauren NSW 0005837 Rabobank New Zealand
Bradley Adam NSW 0005838 Rabobank Australia
Gunn Helene TAS 0005839 Rabobank Australia
Chippendale Rebecca 0005840 AMP
Bassett Madeleine OS 0005841 Rabobank New Zealand
Maunder James NSW 0005842 Rabobank Australia
Calchera Johann NSW 0005843 Rabobank Australia
Gaynilo Raymond NSW 0005844 Rabobank Australia
Bambling Emmalene NSW 0005845 Rabobank Australia
Clark Adam QLD 0005846 Balanz
Lee Sue 0005847 AMP
Bust Martin NSW 0005848 AMP
Mendelson Pete NSW 0005849 Rabobank Australia
Tsang George 0005850 Rabobank Australia
Trolove Emma 0005851 Rabobank New Zealand
Stinson Martin QLD 0005852 Rabobank Australia
Nash Maddison 0005853 Judo Bank
Prasad Shalini OS 0005854 Rabobank New Zealand
Blight Chloe WA 0005855 Rabobank Australia
Verman Genevieve 0005856 Rabobank Australia
McDonald Kaitlyn QLD 0005857 Rabobank Australia
Bennett Clay 0005858 Judo Bank
Lyddy Sandy QLD 0005859 Rabobank Australia
McIntyre Caitlin QLD 0005860 Rabobank Australia
Evans Abigail Rose OS 0005861 Rabobank New Zealand
Post Adrian QLD 0005862 Rabobank Australia
Paulger Alison QLD 0005863 Rabobank Australia
Brown Thomas TAS 0005864 Rabobank Australia
Ferrando Sebastian QLD 0005865 Koda Capital
Maddocks Matt 0005866 Rabobank Australia
Rajbhandari Sanima NSW 0005867 Rabobank Australia
Mackey Melissa NSW 0005868 Rabobank Australia
Singh Sarita 0005869 AMP
Wagner Michael VIC 0005870 AMP
Bruce Peter QLD 0005871 AMP
Gatley Anela NSW 0005872 AMP
Brady Alison NSW 0005873 AMP
Hinton Kelly QLD 0005874 AMP
Unu Asinate NSW 0005875 AMP
McGregor Shannon NSW 0005876 AMP
Nelson Richard NSW 0005877 AMP
Harris Sarah NSW 0005878 Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
Cogill Cathy NSW 0005879 AMP
Abouraad Charbel NSW 0005880 Judo Bank
Hegarty Heidi NSW 0005881 AMP
Leicht Kimberly NSW 0005882 Rabobank Australia
Minogue Kate NSW 0005883 AMP
Hasen Arshad 0005884 Judo Bank
Bou-sleiman Arisento NSW 0005885 AMP
Kaur Jasleen VIC 0005886 Judo Bank
Mitrevski Zoran NSW 0005887 AMP
Riganti Michelle NSW 0005888 AMP
Wang Rachel NSW 0005889 AMP
Portelli Ben VIC 0005890 AMP
Kotsa Sally VIC 0005891 AMP
Wise Bernie 0005892 AMP
Sorgini Lisa NSW 0005893 AMP
Cosgriff Kelvin VIC 0005894 AMP
Johansson David 0005895 AMP
Spitznagel Simone 0005896 AMP Capital
Chisholm Louise NSW 0005897 AMP
O'Sullivan Eoin VIC 0005898 Judo Bank
Reinisch Michelle 0005899 AMP
bansal abhishek NSW 0005900 AMP
Hendry Steven WA 0005901 Koda Capital
Gouldson James WA 0005902 Koda Capital
Potgieter Marjorie NSW 0005903 AMP
Le Krystal NSW 0005904 AMP
Brennan Adam WA 0005905 Koda Capital
Percy Melita NSW 0005906 ANZ Banking Group Australia
Prestipino Lisa NSW 0005907 AMP
Agarwal Mamta NSW 0005908 AMP
Yacoub Natalie 0005909 Judo Bank
Lucas Jane 0005910 AMP
Carroll Miranda OS 0005911 Rabobank New Zealand
Pemberton Richard NSW 0005912 AMP
Kouzoukas Vicki NSW 0005913 AMP
Boman Jessica NSW 0005914 Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA)
Ramirez Michael NSW 0005915 AMP
Ahmed Sabina VIC 0005916 U Ethical
Gabin Odette NSW 0005917 AMP
Yong Debbie 0005918 U Ethical
Gleeson Barbara WA 0005919 AMP
Omas Olga VIC 0005920 AMP
Kitchener Kate NSW 0005921 AMP
Ortmann Adam NSW 0005922 AMP
Sargood Emily QLD 0005923 AMP
Blackman Victoria NSW 0005924 AMP
Jansen Chris NSW 0005925 AMP
McFadden Kerry NSW 0005926 AMP
Kelly Nathan NSW 0005927 AMP
Ali Faizan 0005928 AMP
Curtis Tony 0005929 AMP
O'Sullivan Alexandra VIC 0005930 AMP
Gunalan Shajan 0005931 AMP
Kerr Kelly 0005932 AMP
Morrison Tim SA 0005933 AMP
Dissanayake Chathura NSW 0005934 AMP
Johnson Nick NSW 0005935 AMP
Stark Louise NSW 0005936 AMP
Agustin Maria 0005937 AMP Capital
Smith Bruce Smith 0005938 AMP Capital
Hart Hayley 0005939 AMP
Every Mark NSW 0005940 AMP
Sa-Cordeiro Andrew NSW 0005941 AMP
Fisher Kerry SA 0005942 AMP
Dangond Angela 0005943 AMP
Shadiac Matthew 0005944 AMP
Taylor Frances NSW 0005945 AMP
Chee Jeffrey 0005946 AMP
Munns Madeleine 0005947 AMP
Usman Ayesha NSW 0005948 AMP
Weavers Rebecca VIC 0005949 AMP
Gordon Colin Allan QLD 0005950 AMP
O'Sullivan Mark NSW 0005951 AMP
Islam Tauheed VIC 0005952 AMP
Nguyen Nathan 0005953 AMP
Ervin Belinda ACT 0005954 AMP
Begley Paul WA 0005955 Koda Capital
Sheilds Michael WA 0005956 Judo Bank
Tan Nicholas 0005957 Other (please specify)
Machin Claire NSW 0005958 AMP
Maloney Edwina 0005959 AMP
Pryor Julia VIC 0005960 AMP
Yuen Derek NSW 0005961 AMP
Shelley Anna VIC 0005962 AMP
Davie Gillian NSW 0005963 AMP
Augerinos Nick 0005964 AMP
Mousina Diana 0005965 AMP
Ker Jayne 0005966 AMP
Mork Gavin NSW 0005967 AMP
Matsis Roulla VIC 0005968 AMP
Develyn Stuart 0005969 AMP
Develyn Stuart NSW 0005970 AMP
Naing May 0005971 AMP
Taylor Rachelle NSW 0005972 AMP
Hunt Stephen NSW 0005973 AMP
Cudicio Nicole NSW 0005974 AMP
Pace Janine SA 0005975 AMP
OBrien Cleon NSW 0005976 AMP
Awrham David 0005977 AMP
Milton Leanne NSW 0005978 AMP
Peterson Richard NSW 0005979 AMP
Edwards Ross VIC 0005980 U Ethical
Kostova-Hadden Aleksandra 0005981 AMP
Kidwai Ahsan NSW 0005982 AMP
Arora Dylan VIC 0005983 AMP
Hurst Brenton NSW 0005984 AMP
Morrison Carrie 0005985 AMP
Tangonan Michael NSW 0005986 AMP
Garcia Laura NSW 0005987 AMP
Suan Sharon NSW 0005988 AMP
Francis Gina 0005989 AMP
Green Lorelle VIC 0005990 Judo Bank
Wilson Shirley NSW 0005991 AMP
Machin Jo QLD 0005992 AMP
Kapoor Deepti VIC 0005993 AMP
Simmer Kirrily NSW 0005994 Australian Mutual Bank
Pearson Dave NSW 0005995 Other (please specify)
Gambale Paul NSW 0005996 AMP
Barclay-Ridge Briony NSW 0005997 AMP
Williams Michael NSW 0005998 AMP
Hillier Ben QLD 0005999 AMP
Parker Jan VIC 0006000 AMP
Maikoo Ajveetha NSW 0006001 AMP
Chen Daniel NSW 0006002 AMP
Liu Michael 0006003 AMP
Siemers Alison NSW 0006004 AMP
Jones Katherine NSW 0006005 AMP
Ferrington Gai NSW 0006006 AMP
Dow Michael VIC 0006007 AMP
Angeles Gener NSW 0006008 AMP
Clark David NSW 0006009 AMP
Nguyen Que Son 0006010 AMP
Mealor Nicki NSW 0006011 AMP
Simmons Bron VIC 0006012 AMP
Manoharan Preetha NSW 0006013 AMP
McLoughlin Patrick NSW 0006014 AMP
Nguyen Cherylyn NSW 0006015 AMP
Workman Daniel NSW 0006016 AMP
Makin Lachlan VIC 0006017
Veenstra Brooke NSW 0006018 AMP
Sheppard David NSW 0006019 AMP
Peterson David VIC 0006020 AMP
Donges Cath VIC 0006021 AMP
Hamilton Lauren OS 0006022 Rabobank New Zealand
Higgs Stephanie 0006023 AMP
Majeric Sophie VIC 0006024 Judo Bank
Hoy Mardi SA 0006025 AMP
Peddie Jane NSW 0006026 Koda Capital
Zemunic Adam VIC 0006027 Judo Bank
Lee Jenny NSW 0006028 Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
Knight Andrew 0006029 AMP
Garg Manik NSW 0006030 AMP
Shute Regan VIC 0006031 Judo Bank
Gomez Natalie 0006032 Judo Bank
Lim Edu 0006033 Australian Mutual Bank
Williams Bethany 0006034 Australian Mutual Bank
Smith Bevan WA 0006035 Koda Capital
Rodrigues Elsa NSW 0006036 Australian Mutual Bank
Salvalaggio Giustino VIC 0006037 Other (please specify)
Little Jake QLD 0006038 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Bedse Kunal VIC 0006039 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Thorne Taylor Marshall NSW 0006040 Rabobank Australia
Mazkovoi Oleg NSW 0006041 SCM Financial Group
Viney Rebecca NSW 0006042 Australian Mutual Bank
Bhullar Anureet NSW 0006043 Australian Mutual Bank
Wibowo Indriani 0006044 Judo Bank
Barrett Ashlee QLD 0006045 Judo Bank
Jiang Anna NSW 0006046 SCM Financial Group
Rocco Toni VIC 0006047 Judo Bank
Nolan Anne VIC 0006048 SCM Financial Group
Ruffin Michael 0006049 AMP
Janardhanan Saranya VIC 0006050 Judo Bank
Tate Clodagh 0006051 Judo Bank
Heilbron David 0006052 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Hinze Cassandra QLD 0006053 Koda Capital
MURRAY JOEL 0006054 Koda Capital
Lane Miriam NSW 0006055 Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
Stephens Mitchell VIC 0006056 SCM Financial Group
Turk Cemal VIC 0006057 Other (please specify)
Evans Katrina VIC 0006058 SCM Financial Group
Butera Brigette VIC 0006059 SCM Financial Group
Ratnayake Jayasith Dilini VIC 0006060 Judo Bank
Seow Vernis VIC 0006061 SCM Financial Group
Lin Annie 0006062 Other (please specify)
Murray Blake 0006063 Judo Bank
Coscia Davide SA 0006064 Judo Bank
Hoffman Henry 0006065 Judo Bank
Kenning Matthew 0006066 ANZ Banking Group Australia
Hardie Cam VIC 0006067 U Ethical
Lyons James NSW 0006068 Other (please specify)
Fernando Roshane 0006069 Judo Bank
Ebinger Edward J. VIC 0006070 Judo Bank
Storti Anna VIC 0006071 Judo Capital
Hall Stuart 0006072 Judo Bank
Tran Rubie 0006073 Australian Mutual Bank
Saxena Neha NSW 0006074 Judo Bank
Holden Malcolm SA 0006075 Other (please specify)
Middlemas Jasmine NSW 0006076 Judo Bank
Hughes Nathan WA 0006077 Judo Bank
Roy Arunita NSW 0006078 Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
Singh Manbir VIC 0006079 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Eagle Arabella 0006080 Australian Mutual Bank
Jeong Chae 0006081
Schenker Melissa VIC 0006082 Judo Bank
Carey Blair NSW 0006083 Westpac Group Australia
Trim Hamish QLD 0006084 Other (please specify)
Vu Megan ACT 0006085 Australian National University (ANU)
Marais-Ncube Aura-Elle VIC 0006086 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Duffield Ben NSW 0006087 Westpac Group Australia
Greenup Samuel 0006088 Judo Bank
Gache Cristian 0006089 Judo Bank
Hamid Huyam VIC 0006090 Other (please specify)
Hemingway Lennox NSW 0006091 Macquarie Group
Khoo Julie VIC 0006092 Judo Bank
Geers Maddison QLD 0006093 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Muniappan Sivashanmugam NSW 0006094 Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
Beresford William QLD 0006095 Koda Capital
Fisher Callum VIC 0006096 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Caroccia Daniel VIC 0006097 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Fulop Justin VIC 0006098 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Kennedy Ashleigh WA 0006099 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Latifi Meybodi Andia 0006100 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Perera Vinoda VIC 0006101 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Hall-Muir Heath NSW 0006102 Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)
Savio Tony NSW 0006103 MetLife Australia
brookfield jaimee 0006104 Australian Mutual Bank
Ghafari Michelle 0006105 Australian Mutual Bank
Saruul Munkh-Erdene QLD 0006106
Penman Dain NSW 0006107 Judo Bank
McGlynn Jade NSW 0006108 Other (please specify)
Rudolph Tori NSW 0006109
Nash Chloe 0006110 MetLife Australia
Khastgir Upasna NSW 0006111 Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)
Smith Brannan 0006112 Judo Bank
Young Kayne 0006113 Australian Mutual Bank
WANG TONGLIN 0006114 Australian Mutual Bank
Gall Alexander QLD 0006115 Judo Bank
Meffan Nathan VIC 0006116 Judo Bank
Neelam Prasanthi 0006117 Judo Bank
Jeginovic Kemal 0006118 Judo Bank
Nooy Camilla VIC 0006119 Judo Bank
Gasparovic Kathy QLD 0006120 Judo Bank
Flores-Alfaro Karla 0006121 Other (please specify)
Batchelor David 0006122 Judo Bank
Farrell Ella VIC 0006123 Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
Ho THanh VIC 0006124 Judo Bank
Lowinger Daniel VIC 0006125 Judo Bank
smith michael NSW 0006126 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Gillies Andrea NSW 0006127 Macquarie Group
Liang Xi 0006128 Judo Bank
Brazzale Stephanie 0006129 Judo Bank
Brenton Jaymon NSW 0006130 SCM Financial Group
Wyatt Raquel VIC 0006131 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Jeffs Erika VIC 0006132 Judo Bank
Hernandez Moises VIC 0006133 Judo Bank
Copley Thomas SA 0006134 Judo Bank
Dalla Volta Lisa WA 0006135 Other (please specify)
Baynham David NSW 0006136 National Australia Bank (NAB)
Cleverdon Melanie NSW 0006137 Judo Bank

Signatories to the Oath




The Oath

  • Trust is the foundation of my profession.
  • I will serve all interests in good faith.
  • I will compete with honour.
  • I will pursue my ends with ethical restraint.
  • I will help create a sustainable future.
  • I will help create a more just society.
  • I will speak out against wrongdoing and support others who do the same.
  • I will accept responsibility for my actions.

In these and all other matters;
My word is my bond.